Friday, January 06, 2006


OK.. I'm still on cloud 9 and Vince Young is deserving of a blog title and a second post on him and the game. I won't bore you with any more hype about the game as I'm sure that you have had plenty by now; but out of respect and awe, I titled this post in his honor. Vince.... You are THE MAN!!! Thanks for giving us a great game (along with the rest of the UT team and USC). This one was truly a game for the ages.

Short post today because I really am not playing all that much poker; although things are still running pretty good. I'm continuing to just play for the Ironman Status on Fulltilt. I got my 50 points; but didn't quit this time. Why?

Well, Fulltilt had entered me into a 10K freeroll for getting 150pts I believe. How nice is that. My hats go off to the folks at Fulltilt. Even better was the fact that I didn't personally register and I was about 20 minutes late for the tourney; but I was still in it and just gotten blinded out. Fulltilt is quickly becoming one of the top 3 sites to play at. It seems as PokerStars has taken over the coveted #1 spot and of course that is not hard to believe. They really do things right over there. I, personally, do not play over there very often; but might reconsider after this month. Anyway, back to the tourney... nothing too exciting.. I was down to my last 400 chips when a set of 4s tripled me up.. and things went good for a while getting me well over the average. A couple of missed draws and then the inevitable cracking of my Aces by a flopped two pair (QJ) sent me packing.

So anyway, I ended playing a little over an hour which was 143 hands and made a tidy 19.77 BB/hr ($126.50) so I'm definitely not complaining. Shorthanded play continues to be Godsend for me.

I also received an email from my friends at Absolute Poker. They have given me a free entry into their 100K guaranteed tournament this week. AP has substanitally improved things over the last year and are definitely worth taking a look. Again, they have a 100% deposit bonus (up to $100). You can use Poker Tracker and PA Hud with it so give it a shot a let me know what you think.

Well, that's it for now..

Have a great weekend..


GaryC said...

Sorry I am a day late, but Congrats to you and your Longhorns. I didn't think they had it in them, but Vince was too much for USC. I sure hope he goes pro, if you know what I mean.

Should be some good times in the Big 12 south in the coming years.


mookie99 said...

Thanks for letting me know about other Austin bloggers, I will be sure to search around and get to know them. Love the layout of your blog. How did you get the chart on the right with your YTD results ? That's awesome !

WillWonka said...

G.. I definitely know what you mean and for that reason, I hope he stays ;-)

mookie.. I just inserted a table and entered my month to date stats there.

Johnny FlopBoot said...

Why did Absolute give you the entry? Was it a prize for something?

WillWonka said...

Johnny.. it was from their VIP department so I'm sure it was because I put in a ton of hands last month and haven't played there in a couple of weeks.

I think we are going to start seeing a lot more "comping" of players as the competition increases between the sites.

Pokerstars has already started it and I'm others will follow suit.

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