Friday, January 13, 2006

Post Play Routine

For the third night in a row, I was down after completing my 50 pts for the Full Tilt Iron Man challenge. They are running a second chance kind of thing if you can get 100 pts for 15 straight days. I'm not sure if I like this because it decreases the overlay for the 10K freeroll. Oh well, what can you do..

Anyway, I ended up the night playing 288 hands and making $131.

Something I'm going to do for the rest of the month is post the major PT stats. So please feel free to critique my play. Of course I reserve the right to change my mind if it doesn't go the way I plan. Here they are:

Hands: 288
VPIP: 34.38
W$WSF: 38.89
WSD: 32.41
W$SD: 37.14
PFR: 20.14
AF: 5.43
BB/100: 6.42
BB/hr: 13.88 (accounts for mult-tabling)

Those are the major ones. My take away from yesterday is that I was getting good starting cards; but was not hitting the flops very hard and if I did it was second best a lot. So, how did I come up with that conclusion?

My VPIP wasn't real high nor was it real low; but the preflop raises were over 20% which means I either had really good hands or was a really passive table. The former applies here. The fact that that I went to showdown only 32% and winning only 37% of the ones that I did go to showdown tells me that I wasn't hitting the flops very well.

The good news is that you don't always have to hit the flops hard to wage a positive session. As you can see, 13.88 BB/hr (at least to me) is considered a good session. My sessions are a little abbreviated these days due to me taking a quasi break and just trying for the 50 pts; but that is OK. You can still take away trends from your play; especially when you start combining some days.

So how can you have a good session when not hitting the flops. Again, and it bears repeating again.... Aggression. Typically these days, I am winning about 14% of the pots without a showdown (which is over double to what it used to be). I would suspect that number is even higher from yesterday. In fact, it was. I won a little over 18% of the post without a showdown. Also, my aggression factor was really high (5.43). It all go backs to that "selective aggression" thing. Aggression good... Passive... bad...

So that is one stat that I always check after a session. Another standard thing I check (except for the normal stats above) is looking at how many hands that I cold called (just called 2 bets) . After that I look at the hands that I went to showdown and lost with. If need be, I replay the hand looking for mistakes or at least trying to understand why I did it.

This review only takes a few minutes and I am very adamant about checking these things after a session.

My question to the masses is what kind of things do you do post session or pre session. Do they help and how do they help? Some people feel table selection is very important.. I'm not really in that camp; but let me know how it has helped you if you do that. Things like that are the things I'm interested in.

OK, there you have it and there you are.


Michael said...

Pre-session, if I'm playing at a site (Party, Stars) that has several tables running at my limit, I spend time on table and seat selection. I try to get seats where passive players are on my right and tight players are to my left. Being able to isolate passive players preflop is very profitable. Having tight players to my left makes for good blind stealing conditions.

Post-session, I'll review a few hand histories on hands that I may have felt that I could have played better. Other than that I don't get too concerned about the results.

I like your comment about checking on how often you may have been cold calling. There are really few times where you should do it (as you know).

Fluffer said...

Table selection - no. I feel you need to be able to play against any player at any time, in order to become a "good" poker player. While we want to win here, we also want to sharpen our skills. I agree with Michael, in his optimal situation, but when in the big games you won't have that opportunity to select your table or players or position.

Pre-session - I take a minute to make sure I am totally relaxed. I run through a few affirmations (telling myself positive thoughts) and strategies. I also remind myself of what I have done to have winning nights and continue to do the same thing.

Post-Session - I'll review the big losing hands to see where I went wrong and why I wasn't smart enough to either lay it down or maybe I bet wrong, etc... you understand. I definitely don't do enough, I think you have the right idea here.

Interim - Between sessions, I like to read yours and other blogs, this definitely helps sharpen the skills. Basically learning from other people's mistakes and it also helps me see my mistakes.

My experience with "selective aggression" - while I have been having positive results lately, I also find that I am having bigger swings. And unfortunately, I am routinly down first and then I make a comeback. Staying off tilt is difficult sometimes, but that is why I take a minute before I play, it really helps. What is your experience? Big swings?

Keep up the good work Wonka, love your blogs!

p.s. I am looking forward to some heads up play with you tonight.... and beating you!!! But you know it's never personal.

Tony said...

Thanks for the kind words--leep grinding, bud!!

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