Thursday, January 12, 2006

Stats and more Stats

So being the geeky accountant that I am, I started looking over my poker spreadsheet. Let's take a look at some of the things that I found.

But first I want to give out Congrats to St Louis's own Jestocost for winning the latest DADI event, the Special Omalympics.. He put on a clinic of big stack aggression. Good going.

Next, last night, I again played at Full Tilt and again was down over $100 when I hit my 50 pts so I obviously can't quit while I'm down... lol... Anyway, things went good from there and I ended up playing 168 hands (45 minutes) and was up $164.50 (35.76 bb/hr). So as you can see, things are still going very well and I'm going to enjoy it while I can. So for the month of January, here is how things look:

- 1572 hands (I played all 11 days)
- VPIP 33.12 (again this is short handed so I expect it to be a little higher)
- W$WSF (Won $ when seeing flop) 47.36 (nice)
- WSD (Went to Showdown) 34.75 (maybe a little low.. but still OK)
- W$SD (Won $ at Showdown) 60.78 (very nice... can you say positive variance)
- bb/100 12.59 (22.75bb/hr if you account for multi-tabling)
- AF (Aggression Factor) 3.77 w/o flop 2.09 w/ flop (maybe a little high.. but selective aggession is the key)
-W$NSD (Won $ with no Showdown) 14.25% (I love to look at this stat to see if my aggression is working... this is about where I like to see it)
- CC% (Cold %) 0% - ahhhh booteeful

So things are going goot!!!

Let's talk streaks.. I have played 490 days in my poker career. Here is a look at the breakdown of winning and losing streaks by number of days. This will not include the current 11 day winning streak that I am now on.


Total Winning Days: 333
Total Losing Days: 146

Gotta like the over 2 - 1 ratio.

Then I started looking at the individual poker sites that I have played and how I have done at each. Without going into too much detail which would probably bore you to tears, I have played at 16 different poker sites. I am 50/50 on which sites that have actually been profitable. Surprisingly, Party is the site that I have lost the most money (over 3K); but now that I think about it, this is soley due to my bad run in November (nearly 4K).

My profitable sites have been: (in order of profit)

Empire Poker ($5,869)... Ok this was really party during the day. Truthfully, my Party skins profit is only $521 which includes Empire, Party and PokerNow.
Poker World ($5,772).. Very Small Poker site that I hit a couple of big tournies early.
Absolute ($4,401).. Numbers don't lie... I need to play there more.

The rest are under 1K in winnings and are:
Full Tilt
Platinum Poker
Royal Vegas
Poker Stars

My losing sites are (in no particular order):

Pacific Poker
Ultimate Bet
Poker Room
Caribbean Sun
Poker Rewards

None of these are significant.

Are you on stat overload yet... How about some more...

Tuesday continues to be my best day to play while the weekends are the worst. All Weekdays are positive and both Saturday and Sunday are negative.

I have had 26 days of where I have lost more than $500 in a day and only 7 days where I have won more than $500. Ouch!!!

OK, OK.. enough already...

Have a good day!!!!


TripJax said...

Man that is very telling. You can take some serious direction from that info.

Play during the week! Leave the weekend for relaxing and family.

Just a thought...I could take my own advice indeed.

Thanks for railing the DADI last night. To someone who has never heard of the DADI that last sentence sounds so wrong.

WillWonka said...

Yes 3Jacks, that would be the logical answer... do you think it will happen... probably not.

cmitch said...

Love the stats - keep them coming. Nice job on the current streak. Keep it up!

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