Thursday, January 26, 2006

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Same old thing last night... albeit a bit of struggle as I was hovering around even (plus or minus $25) most of the time. I luckily hit a nut flush in a repeatedly raised pot that helped. I hit the flush on the river, by the way. Some times, it just feels like justice when I river some people. I've been really paying attention to this lately as it eases the pain of when I get rivered.. You know, what goes around, comes around. I realize that I will get rivered more often because if I making it the river, I usually have the goods; but if I pay particular attention to when I do it to other people, it helps. I'm trying to get away from that "selective" memory which can tilt the best of players. Anyway, I ended up the night $109.

Since I played before and after 11PM Central, I have already amassed my 50 needed points for the Full Tilt Iron Man thing so I probably will be taking the night off... at least the early part so that I can spend some time with Mrs Wonka. Playing everyday for this Full Tilt thing is starting to wear on her patience.... understandably so.

So... something, I've always been curious about is the general playing level of the faithful Poker with WillWonka readers. Couple that with my urge to use a poll (ala Poker4Peace), I am going to try my first poll which requests playing levels. Basically, the question requests what type of games you are playing and at what levels. Please note that No Limit and Pot Limit are technically combined as one choice.

Note: Put mouse on Title to see full question and put mouse in the scroll section to see more options. Thanks.

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pokerpeaker said...

This is a great question, and it inspired a new post at Thanks Will.

Michael said...

Very interesting results so far in your poll, Will. Your loyal readers represent a wide range of limits and games. Could be a reflection of the fact that you play a wide range of limits and games.

Maybe you are the "one-stop shop" of poker blogs! :)

Ameretto said...

Will, hope you don't mind me asking, how many ring play hands have you played in January. Just that I notice you are not a bonus chaser, only $290 in the period. Do you find that at the level you play, bonuses are of secondary nature to rakeback, / softness of the game? If so at what level do you think this becomes an issue, ie where does extra rakeback and play, outweigh bonuses received?

WillWonka said...


I don't mind.. Let's see.. I have played 10,967 hands in January. Unfortunately, my bonus on Full Tilt ran out on Jan 18th so I have been playing w/o bonus since then in order to get into "Iron Man" tourney; however I have been also playing on other sites with rakeback. I don't really update my stats on rakeback until the end of the month. Right now, my rakeback is sitting at about $202 for the month.

I've read where a general consensus is that 3/6 and above is the cutoff between bonus chasing and rakeback assuming that you are playing a good number of hands.

I'm still undecided on the issue. There is plenty of bonus to chase out there. I need to stop and do the math to see the best way to go.

Fluffer said...

Nice survey, interesting results! Your comment about chasing the flush to the river and catching feels good, I can agree with, especially when there is alot of money in the pot. My question is how often are you chasing to the river and are you chasing straights as well? Do chase only with a nut flush?

I know you presented this stat once before but how often do you need to win to be profitable when chasing?

I don't have a difinitive answer on how I decide to chase? I guess I ascertain my read on the other player (whatever he has), my chip stack and pot odds. So maybe it is a case by case situation, but I guess I am wondering, is there a more disciplined approach?

Or as you stated in one of your earlier blogs, "if you win, it was a good decision, if you lose, it wasn't." That's poker.

WillWonka said...


I don't know if I have any rhyme or reason either to chasing flushes and straight draws... It definitely is situationally based.

Pot odds will dictate how often you have to be successful for it be profitable. Another words, how many people are coming along and were there raises.. That kind of thing.

OneTrueRock said...

The stud and omaha players out there feel left out.

I mainly play 2/4 stud, but 1/2 LHE when on sites that don't get enough stud traffic.

Keep up the good work. Hopefully the iron man thing works out for you.


WillWonka said...

I did have Omaha and other Non-Holdem.. You just had to scroll down a bit.

Slimeface said...

Good poll Will, I had to vote Omaha as this game has become my recent obsession. LOL

OneTrueRock said...


The Rock doesn't read direction well, and it new to blog polls!


HartFlush said...

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