Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shout Outs

Nothing exciting in the world of poker last night; but I said I would post stats and here they are. I will probably just to continue this for a few more days as I'm not sure if any value is added by posting these. I played for a little over an hour. Here are the numbers:

273 Hands
VPIP: 33.70
PFR: 16.48
AF: 3.45
W$WSF: 38.53
WSD: 30.28
W$SD: 54.55
15 bb/hr

This post is going to concentrate on a couple things that other people have done in the past. Most notably, what do I look for in a poker blog. I have also added some links and will go into more detail below.

First... What do I look for in a poker blog. Below you find a 15 point list on what I perceive as a good poker blog.. NOT!!!!!!!! Two things is all that I ask for.

Post about Poker
Post Regularly

I'm pretty easy to please. I like to read about poker. I'm not really concerned with how much you had to drink last night or who you took a pee next to. I'm interested in poker. I'm not taking anything away from anybody who talks about other stuff.. in fact, more power to you.. That is what blogging is all about. Now, if you mix some other personal stuff in with regular poker posts, that is great. That gives a little extra perspective into you.. the poker player. I realize this definitely puts me in the minority; but so be it.

I also like to see regular posts. There are some great bloggers out there that either don't post very often anymore or have switched to more of a non-poker info type blog. One thing that really gets on my nerves are the people that just continue to go on and on about how great of a poker player they are and how terrible everybody else is. To tell you the truth, I don't really want to hear it. What I would like to hear more of is how you are handling your good and bad swings.. what are you doing differently to try to change things around (if anything). I could go on and on here; but I won't.

Something that I don't do enough of is tell others about great blogs (at least in my humble opinion) that I have come across. So yes, as I have said, I have added some links to the right. I don't do this as often as I should. While I have tons and tons of blogs on my bloglines list, I really try to just put blogs that I read regularly no matter what on my link list. I'm not really into swapping links. If you have a good blog and I read it regularly, I will be more than happy to put it up there; but then again, I will not hesitate to take some off (as I have done today). There are plenty of blogs that will have a giant list of poker bloggers and I urge you to visit them.

OK.. My link list.

Scurvy - simply stated, he has the best poker blog out there (in my humble opinion). Continued posts on strategy and poker thinking/theory are being posted regularly. The fact that he is from Austin doesn't hurt either... Hook 'Em!!!

Low Limit Grinder - Gary continues to put post after post out there on a variety of topics. He is a little hampered due to work constraints; but if you are not reading him, you are missing some really good stuff. He was also one of the first bloggers that I really "hooked" up with (pun intended Mr OU fan) and I have enjoyed talking poker or "stuff" over the past few months with him and others. those others being:

TripJax and HighOnPoker - I also met up with them during my early days durning some Heads Up challenges. They are always posting good stuff and they are not shy to let you know the way they feel.

Poker Nerd, Matt Matros, DoubleAs, Bill Rini and BadBeatBlog are some of the big name bloggers out there.

Nerd says he is quitting the blogging game; but hopefully he will reconsider because his SNG strategy posts are second to none.

Matt M and DoubleAs really belong in the newly added High Rollers section. There is a reason they are High Rollers.. They really know their poker and are willing to share some of that knowledge with us little guys. I, for one, really appreciate it.

Bill.. what can you say about him. The great poker organizer. He posts about poker to the nth degree. He also has something called the PokerFilter which collects post and articles about the whole world of poker and again I am infinitely grateful for him taking the time to do that. Even a few of my posts have made it there. While I don't consider myself a seasoned enough poker player to give advice, I am honored to think that he thinks that they are worthy. In fact, my Worst Best Hand post is still in the top 10 of his most read articles. Again, thank you very much.

Mourn is another guy that just continues to put out good stuff and I eagerly await new posts from him.

The Poker blogging game seems to keep growing and growing and along with that, there are some great new bloggers. Here are a few that I try to read as regularly as possible.

LittleAcornPoker. LittleA posts nearly everyday and it is great to hear about things across the pond. Keep em coming.

Closet Poker Player. CC is a great read not only for his poker content.. which is excellent; but his traveling adventures and reviews of practically everywhere across the world. He provides excellent insight into poker and makes you look at your poker game.

Poker Funds. It seems to me, that this guy just flat out loves poker... all phases of poker. He never ever hesitates to give his opinion on things which can bet pretty hilarious sometimes. Apparently he swings from the Right... but I'm not sure on that one... lol. We Republicans have to stick together.. as it seems that we are the minority in the poker world.

Counting my Outs, O-Poker, Poker4Peace and Poker and Peaking are new blogs that I recently came across. Michael at CMO loves to talk poker strategy and has great thoughts on them. He has very good ideas and comments on hand analysis.

O-Poker has a great 50K goal for 2006 and will be fun watching achieve those goals. Go take a look as he has defined how he wants to get there. Best of luck to you O. Keep getting your money in with the best of it. Everything else will take care of itself over time.

Poker4Peace also has some great posts and he also add poll questions. I really enjoy seeing the results and hope to start incorporating some of them myself.

PAP is one that I just recently found and also posts regular, good stuff. I'm looking to reading more stuff from you.

OK.. That was just a glimpse of some the blogs I read and why. Remember, my criteria is pretty simple.. Post about Poker and do it regularly.



cmitch said...

Thanks for the link. I will definitely check out all of the blogs on the list. (reminds me I need to update the links on my blog.)

Your blog is one of my regular reads also. Keep up the well thought out posts - I enjoy them.

Michael said...

Thanks for the shoutout and the link, Wonka. And adding to my reading lists with the other blogs you listed, too. :-)

Keep up the good work with your blog, it's definitely one of the best "poker" blogs out there. I truly enjoy the introspective bent that you have in your posts.

littleacornman said...

I'd just like to echo the two previous comments.Thanks Will.Much appreciated.

HighOnPoker said...

Thanks Wonk. After reading your two qualifications, I was worried I wouldn't fit the mold. I know I stray from all poker all the time, and I haven't given much about strategy lately, so I'm doubly honored to be mentioned. Needless to say, you are one of my poker role models, for your insight, high(er) stakes, and delicious Wonka bars!

mowenumdown said...

Great stuff, you always have solid content.


Slimeface said...

Hey Wonka, Thanks for the link and the kind words. I enjoy reading your blog and the blogs you have listed are some of my favorites, although I wish Matros would post more often.))

Tony said...

...I know you read my blog...If I didn't already know it, I'd be supremely insulted :-)

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hi Wil. I don't think I've played with you in any of the blogger tourneys yet, but hopefully sometime soon. In any event, I read every poker blog I can find, and your links included some great new ones that I had not yet found, so thanks for that. And for what it's worth, I agree 100% with your qualities for a great poker blog. I like reading whatever someone has to say about poker -- be it hand histories, bad beat stories, bankroll updates or just funny anecdotes -- as long as it's updated fairly regularly.
Thanks again, hoping to see you soon in one of the WPBT events. Maybe HORSE tonight on full tilt?

GaryC said...

Honored, buddy. Thanks for the shouts. I'm trying hard to get around the work restrictions, but not quite there yet.

You are one of my first reads now, when I get home from work that is, and always have been. Keep up the good work.


cc said...

Enough of all the mutual suck-ups!!

Mutual, and thanks for your chiming in comments. Always insightful and helpful.

pokerpeaker said...

Thanks for the shout out, Will! That might help get this little humble poker blog get off the ground. I really enjoy your blog as well and you are one of my links.
In your honor, I posted an especially long one Sunday.

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