Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You


For all you doubters that didn't think Texas would win...... ah never mind... I'll just be sastified with a great victory. This game definitely lived up to the hype. Vince Young proved that he is THE MAN!!!!!! Unfortunately, he has nothing left to prove so I'm sure he will be making a exit stage right out of Austin.

What a full circle of emotions is this game.... It went from happiness when holding USC to 3 and out on first drive (by the way... I love the decision to kick off and get the ball in 2nd half... I don't know why all teams with any kind of defense don't do that) to heartbreak when we fumbled to disappointment when we let them take that fumble and move in for the score. From there, the excitement never stopped. Emotions were high, then low, then high again... stop, rinse and do again....

Other than the obvious points to the game, I thought the game was very poorly officiated. I hate to see that in this big of a game. They missed some calls and some didn't even get reviewed; while at the same time they reviewed some plays that weren't even close. Very disappointing. It's one thing to let the game be decided by the players; but come on. I'm obviously a Texas fan and I admit that Vince's knee was down. I think they missed an interception for Texas. I think they missed some motion penalties... some holding calls (was there even one holding call?)... The good news is that I don't think it was too one sided where one side can overly complain.

I think I was driving Mrs Wonka crazy. It's her on fault... trying to sleep on the couch while this game is going on. I almost wanted to wake up 2 year old baby Wonka so that she could share the experience with me as well... What a great, great feeling.

OK.. some nice guy comments... I am also very, very impressed with Leinert, Bush and White... Wow, all three of those guys (plus their wide receiver whose name escapes me right now) are all studs. That offensive line that only graduates one player.... all I can say is wow..

Uhhh... Poker.... I did get my 50 points in at Full Tilt for $130. Obviously, tonight was all about THE GAME.

OK.. I'm going to try and get some sleep... It may be hard..

HOOK EM HORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TripJax said...

hook'em wonka!

Will's Sister said...

All I can say, is THE BEST TEAM WON. I hope people have a better respect for the Big 12 now after some pretty impressive bowl wins. Just think if Brad Smith had the Texas team to play with. I am not saying that Brad is as good as Vince, but having a great team to play with certainly makes a great player even better. Congrats Texas!!

littleacornman said...

Congrats! Always great when your team wins a big game.

Obviously soccer is the big game in Europe and its interesting reading your comments about poor officials depsite video reviews being used.

There's a huge debate in soccer about using technology to resolve borderline decisions.I agree with goal line cameras to see if a ball crossed the line but not with stop/starting the game for replays all the time.Keep the game the same for all levels imo.

Seems that even with big screen reviews the debates rage on!

All the best for the new year.


WillWonka said...

Thanks for the comments tj and acman..

I'm still on cloud 9.

pokerpeaker said...

I'm a KU grad, so I rooted for Texas and was glad they won the game of the year. Vince Young is one of the best players I've ever seen. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I like what you've got there so I"m gonna link you up. I'd be honored if you did the same, although only if you think I deserve it. Maybe give me a few
I appreciate it.

ScottMcM said...

God Loves me. Hookem

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