Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Full Tilt Rocks!!!

This is my first attempt at putting a picture in my blog so who knows how it is going to turn out. This post is just to confirm what a lot of people already know... Full Tilt Rocks!!! The other day, I received an email saying that I met my requirements for the bonus and you can now claim your reward. I'm not sure what bonus that I was doing (other than a reload bonus which this wasn' part of that); but I got to choose between $50 or an assortment of Full Tilt gear. While it would cool to have some full Tilt gear, I opted for the $50 cash. No hand requirements.. just cold hard cash. Well done, Full Tilt... Well Done..

Then last night, I was doing my 50 pt 3/6 shorthanded thing and who is at my table? None other than Full Tilt pro Erick Lindgren. He was actually playing 8 tables.. wow.. He even commented on how he forgot what it was like to play so many tables. Anyway, onto the picture above which doesn't actually show the hand... Anyway, I am in the BB with Q8s and Erick is in the cutoff. One caller before him and he wakes up with AA and raises it... Of course I call from the BB with Q8s and the flop comes 788.. The rest anybody can play.. I check called... check raised.. bet.. and took down the pot and cracked Erick Lindgren's aces... He was even nice enough to say "gh wonka" as seen above. How cool is that? I do have to admit that I had my aces cracked earlier at a different table so it definitely goes both ways.

To put it mildly, Full Tilt has their act together. They are still a little lacking in traffic. As of 9:11PM Central time, there are only 12,146 people logged on as compared to 81,600 on Stars and 74,000 on Party; but if they continue to do what they do from a customer service level, they will soon be right up there with the big shots. The fact that a big time pro would take the time to play a little 3/6 SH is truly awesome!!!!

As far as my poker playing.. Things still seem to be going good... I am now on a 10 day winning streak. Is it possilbe to re-break my winning streak record of 12 that I just set last month? How long is a winning streak sustainable? I have now had 10 straight as I said and 30 of 33 positive days. Out of 125 sessions (tables), I have ended up with a 68% winning rate. I am now over $1,000 for the month. I realize that writing all this down probably means that the winning streak is over; but what is a poker blog to do... or at least this poker blogger. I feel I have been brutally honest whether it be good results or bad results and that is really one of my goals for this blog. It is to journal my poker journey.. the ups and downs.. the highs and lows.. OK, I think you get the picture..

I'm continuing to not really play that much each day. I played a little more tonight (230 hands... 1 hour 10 minutes) due to me being down $100 after getting my 50 pts and also the fact that Erick Lindgren was playing at one of my tables. I ended up $121 to the positive which is just fine by me. By the way, I played 32 hands with EL.. and he finished up down $10.50.. Oh no, what is he going to do... hopefully he did better on the other low limit tables... lol.

Anyway, I just want to reiterate that Full Tilt Rocks!!! I encourage everybody to give them a try.

That should do it for today.


fairnbalncd said...

Full Tilt will be getting some of my play soon. I'm liking what I'm hearing about them and I'd like to be at a table with Ivey one day.

TripJax said...

very cool wonka. keep it up.

Slimeface said...

Good job on the jpg... I have an account at FT but haven't played over there for months. Maybe I should try to log in and see if I can still remember my pwd. lol

Fluffer said...

How cool is that, you got to play with EL. He seems like a nice guy. And congrats on your winning streak, keep it up!

Michael said...

That will teach a NL player like Erick to tangle with a limit shark! Sounds like it was fun.

If FT just keeps doing what it has been doing, they have a chance to be one of the best sites. Their growth alone has been impressive given that they are a stand alone poker site.

cmitch said...

I like FTP as well. Hopefully their traffic will start to increase soon. They have their act together when it comes to bonuses, also. They are a little time consuming to clear, but you can earn the bonus by playing cash games, sngs, or mtts. Some of the other sites (UB) only pay out bonuses to cash game players.

Keep up the good work. (no whammies!)

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