Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ho Hum Weekend

First off, I would like to thank everybody for their nice comments. It is obviously nice to find out that people are actually reading this here thing I call a poker blog. I know I probably missed some folks (most notably the St Louis Bloggers); but I hope to make up for that soon.

Nothing very exciting to report today. The weekends continues to be break even at best... especially Saturday. For the second Saturday in a row, I just couldn't get anything substantial going... The only thing I had going were my pocket pairs. I was hitting sets like they were going out of style. Overall on Saturday, I lost $279. Conversely, my pocket pairs made me $609. I hit quads twices and I also had a straight flush... so I was getting cards; but at the same time everthing else was just not working. 5 of those sets didn't work out... Two of my boats lost.. Two flushes lost out and a str8 lost out. A lot of second best hands can kill you.

Here are the overall stats from the weekend.

Hands: 1,624
VPIP: 33.37
PFR: 16.26
AF: 3.11
W$WSF: 38.12
WSD: 30.94
W$WSD: 47.42
bb/hr: -1.73

After Rakeback, it was barely a breakeven weekend. I've cleared the $300 from Full Tilt so I am playing without bonus. It just seems kind of weird playing without it. I guess between Absolute and Full Tilt bonuses, I have become a little spoiled as I now don't feel like playing sites without getting "paid" to play. I've never really considered myself a bonus chaser; but that may change. As I mentioned earlier, I am going to stop putting up daily stats as they really don't bring any value to the blog. I will continue to post monthly stats in the upper right. I usually update those on Sunday nights.... I have updated the stats through tonight. Due to a couple of bad days, I only netted $105 for the week. It was, however, my 8th straight winning week which is a new record for me breaking 7 weeks which I had reached 3 times. It took a winning day on Sunday to do it; but positive is positive. BTW, my weeks go Mon-Sunday as that is how my spreadsheet calculates it.

Sidenote... I just looked on Full Tilt and saw Phil Ivey playing at the 50cent/$1 NL tables. How cool is that? Again, that is what makes Full Tilt a great up and coming site. They are, however, not without problems. They have had some connection problems as of late and they still don't have the traffic yet. As of Sunday Night at 9:00 Central, they have 10,491 people which obviously doesn't compare to the 75,079 of Party or 74,941 of Stars. I'm not sure what it is going to take pull people from those sites. Definitely an uphill battle.

OK, where was I. I did play in the H.O.R.S.E. tourney; but with no luck. It was, however, a whole lot of fun. I hope we have another one soon.

I've never jotted down in really goals for 2006. My one and only goal at the moment is to get back to an all time high in bankroll with is $3,876 away from where I am currently at. I was going to put a timeframe of when I would like to get there; but I won't... Instead, I am going to put some stepping stones (8) of interim goals to reach. Here they are:

  1. Make 659
  2. Make 665 more
  3. Make 417 more
  4. Make 178 more
  5. Make 355 more
  6. Make 511 more
  7. Make 632 more
  8. Make 459 more

These stepping stones represent major bankroll amounts for specific dates prior to a big losing streak. Saying that you want to make almsost 4K seems a little more daunting than by breaking it up into 8 steps. It would be nice to make it in 2 months; but we'll see how it goes. It would be nice to set loftier goals; but I'm not sure that I want to do that just yet. To set lofty goals usually means that you mean to step up in limits as you reach particular goals. Right now, I am comfortable where I am at and am comfortable with the winrate from the last month. I will continue to track this and see how it goes.

That should do it for now..

Have a great week!!!!


TripJax said...

Hey Will...a quick question...

On your comment at my site the other day about the Beta Party Client...when you say observed hands, are you saying hands where you are not sitting at the table, but you have opened up the table in able to get info on those players? In other words, does it still track at your table when you are playing, just not other tables?

I just purchased PT and want to make sure I utilize it to the best of my ability so if I need to remove the Beta client I will.

I will say, however, I was able to play 10 SNG's in 90 minutes and monied in 5 so the resize is pretty cool....I've never played that many SNG's in such a short time...


ilico said...

Hi WillWonka.

Just a note, I went back and read your post about finding leaks Parts 1&2 and something that you make note of is your VPIP being to high and wanted to be near the 22 mark. I notice that your VPIP for the weekend was 33.37...just something I noticed.

WillWonka said...


Yes, I was just referring to tables that you had opened up; but were not actually sitting there. It will still collect stats of tables that you are sitting at.

I usually just change the resolution of my monitor to be able to play multiple tables.

Nice ITM%...keep it up

WillWonka said...

Thanks ilico... The big difference between now and then is that back then, I was playing 10 person max tables as opposed to now where I am playing short handed.. 6 max tables.

With short handed tables, you obviously have to play more hands and be more aggressive.

Thanks for the comment.. and I encourage anybody to call me out because I could be very easily looking over something.

Ingoal said...

Hey Will,

I can't really comment on your proposed steps, as I've never played on a roll substantial enough to even think about winning such an amount (I'm currently still in the "micro" section (< 100$) on different sites...and playing all the blogger events I can isn't really +ev either (although I finally cashed in 5th place in last weeks WWdN)).

As far as the bonuses go: I hear you, I'm almost finished clearing my bonus at UB, so I guess my next stop will be FullTilt - although they're still lacking some traffic their amount of top pros and the fact that they really play at "affordable levels" in ring games and sometimes even in MTTs or SnGs is just awesome!

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