Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Chalk one of for the Maniacs

Brutal, Brutal, Brutal... Nothing was working last night. I am going to keep this brief; but I feel if I'm going to blog... I need to blog the good nights with the bad nights... Last night was one the bad nights.. Here are the numbers:

VPIP: 35.46
PFR: 18.99
AF: 2.58
w$wsf: 36.05
wsd: 36.05
w$sd: 45.24
$: -780.57

Anything I had just wasn't good enough... There were two particular maniacs that had my number last night... When I say maniac.. I mean 76% VPIP with 23 PFR... The other one was 71% and 10.89%... anyway.. things like my AA losing to 52o and my AA losing to J6 when he hit runner, runner to get his two pair. I flopped 3 sets last night and went 0-3. Yes, I understand the way things goes... It ain't fun; but it is the nature of the game.

So, it is the end of an era for me... My time with Company A is now complete... and I don't start with Company B until next Monday... So, yes, I plan to play some poker this week... Why does it seem when I have some extended time planned to play on the virtual felt, the first session is a big loser which obviously taints the rest of the week. For now, I am going to continue on and see what happens. I will also get a look at daytime play. The plan is tighten up a bit; but still keep up the aggressiveness. We'll see what happens.


TripJax said...

good luck with the new job and the week of pokah!

shrug off the bad night...you got a lot of playing to do until monday.

and yes, regarding previous post, packer and nance are idiots...

fairnbalncd said...

Are the VP/PFR/AF stats indicative of your overall play, or just a one night thing? Hot deck?

From my seat, If I see 35/18/2.6 and a 36%/wsd sitting across from me I'm thinking he plays too many hands, some marginal, and then pushes the bejeeezus out of them. I'm not giving you credit for a lot of powerhouse hands and will showdown with you.

Variance. Downswing. It happens. Outside of the -$780.57 I'd say you were the 2+2 TAG I wrote about today. ;-)

How many hands are these numbers pulled from?

Best wishes to you in the new cube!

Keep the faith!

WillWonka said...

Keep in mind this is shorthanded with 4-6 players.. I played 595 hands last night..

I did have good hands; but unfortunately, I did get rivered more than I would have liked to... OK, even getting rivered once is more than I like; but you get the idea.

I like to be in the 29-33 range for VPIP with a 13-16 PFR; but I did have good hands and even hit some flops... but you can't win them all..

Maybe one take away from the session is to watch the aggressive play with maniacs and calling stations at your table.

BrainMc said...

Please tell me you got the Company A / B bonus thing worked out and you aren't getting screwed.

WillWonka said...

Yes brianmc... thankfully I did.

fairnbalncd said...

Didn't realize this was shorthanded Will.

I stay away from the 6 max SH games mainly because of the huge variance they contain.

Once I hit a limit of play with a hard plateau and seem to be getting outplayed consistently, hopefully not before 5/10, then I'll swing through the SH tables for a 'learning experience'.

There are quite a few making good bank on them, but the posts on 300-600BB swings are chilling. Let alone the 100-250BB session losses.

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