Thursday, March 23, 2006

Feeling Numb

Good ole Surly had a pretty good post regarding short handed play and the eventual swings that you will have with it and in his humble opinion, full ring is the way to go. I'm not sure that I necessarily agree with him about it being the way to go; but it can and does have its swings. I finished up yesterday playing over 1,200 hands and leaving with a net loss of $77. Today, I played 1,113 hands and leave with a net loss of $32. Starting about mid-day yesterday, the beats (not all of them were what I would necessarily classify as bad beats) just coming and coming until it got to the point where I was becoming numb to the beats. In some ways that is good as you tend not to go on tilt; but in other ways it might suggest that you may not be playing your normal game. The problem was that the beats were coming early in the session which certainly puts a damper on things. Again, most of the losses were coming at 3/6 while I was positive both days at 5/10 and 10/20.

My last session of the night tonight had me getting great hands.. some of the nuts... other of them just TPTK and I split 5 of them.... Add 3 more splits when the board paired to give us a split. I can tell you one thing, it certainly messes with your confidence. Of course, I have had these swings before so you just have to labor on and know that they will end some time.... you just hope for sooner than later.

I guess the glass half full view would know that at least I am getting paid to play as I have made over $500 in rakeback this month from Battlefield Poker. That sure will help put a dent into the unimpressive play of this month. So, again (and I don't mean to sound like a broken record), if you are not getting rakeback, please take a look at ThisIsTheNuts as they have plenty of sites for you to get paid to play. Without that, this month would be getting close to a disaster.


Well, it was not good for my Beloved Bears as they pretty much got slaughted by the Cardinals of Louisville. The Bears cold shooting (25%) vs the Cardinals hot shooting (50%).. especially from 3 point land did them in. Oh well, what can you do.

At least the Longhorns are still going strong after they destroyed West Virginia... OK, so it was a last second 3 to win... Don't you just love March Madness...

Hopefully, the Shockers will do the Valley proud tonight.


I played in the first round of the Heads Up 3 challenge. I was appropriately put in the Fish Bracket. I'm sure this was based on past Heads Up challenges.

My first matchup was against Mowenumdown. I have played a few times against M and knew I was outclassed and would need to get lucky. I went with an aggressive approach... OK, it helped that I did get some cards. I probably built a 2-1 chip lead; but then lost a couple all ins and all of sudden, I am the short stack.. I then suck out and get back the lead. That seemed to be the theme of the all-ins... If you were the favorite going in, you would lose. We got a visit from smokkee saying that his match was over in 3 hands. Ours lasted more than 3 rounds; but I finally ended up winning in a very good match. I don't remember the last hand... I'm sure that I got lucky.

That brought me to my second match against smokkee. I made a comment in the chat box that I was going to fold for at least the first 4 hands so that it wouldn't be another quick victory. Probably around the 3rd or 4th hand I get 44. There were a couple of raises and we see a flop. Low and behold I see two more 4s sitting on the board... Bad news for smokkee, because I believe he flopped top pair. He threw a pot sized bet out there of which I called. I don't remember the turn card; but smokkee went all in and of course I called. I always say that I would rather be lucky than good.

My next match is against ToddCommish. I, like he said in his blog, no nothing about him. He did play some pretty good opponents in Round 1... OK... better than good... It's HU... anything can happen... Best of Luck to You Todd... and you know I don't mean it. ;-)


The last couple of movies:

Kingdom of Heaven.. Nothing too original as it was pretty the same old epic history battle movie. It wasn't terrible so I will give it a 6 out of 10.

War of the Worlds.. Another just OK movie with Tom Cruise and Dakota something or other. 5 out of 10 for this one.

Chicken Little.. Got this one for baby Wonka and I thnk I enjoyed it more than she did... 8 out of 10.


cc said...

Congrats! Howl's Moving Castle may be too old for BabyWonk, but it is really really good. Have a good weekend and hope you break the funk.

smokkee said...

what are the odds of running into Quadzilla heads up. GL in the next round sir.

TripJax said...

hated the war of the worlds needed about 10-15 more minutes to finish up some stuff...

mowenumdown said...

Well played my friend. Good luck in the next round. Represent our group and take this thing down!

Mark said...

Thanks for the shout out!
Shorthanded play is definitely educational, and it certainly fits some people's playing styles better than full ring.
As far as profitability though, I'm still not so sure about shorthanded play.

C.L. Russo said...

Kingdom of Heaven: Hated it.

War of the Worlds: Not bad. Liked the effects.

Chicken Little: Wife said "ugh." Daughter said "yayy!"

Have you seen History of Violence? Like to know if it's as good as everyone says.

WillWonka said...

History of Violence on Netflix list... haven't gotten it yet.

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