Monday, March 27, 2006

Deja Vu and HU3

First, let me ask why George Mason is even in the tournament... I'm sure there were other power conference teams that should have been in there... What do you say now Mr Packer and Mr Nance... Although, in a matter of full disclosure, GM was one of teams that I wrote that shouldn't have made it in over my beloved Bears.... but boy how I love seeing them beat those smaller schools from Michigan St, North Carolina and UCONN.... OK, they also beat a Mo Valley team... GO COLONIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before we get to the bad news... I was about to shut things down Friday night when a message from Commish Todd wanting to battle it out in the second round of the HU3 challenge.. so who am I say to turn down a good heads up match. Being as that was Friday and it is now Monday morning.. I don't remember too many of the details.. The first match, I pretty much got the cards and won in a relatively short amount of time.... but the second match, that was a very good one. We had good hands, suckouts, all-ins... the whole nine yards.. In the end, I was the lucky one as I had 2 consecutive suckouts to win. I am now anxiously awaiting to find out who my next victim is... oh I mean opponent. It just goes to show you (much like the NCAA tournament) that anybody can win a HU match on any given night. I know, because I have won 3 and I have pretty much gotten lucky to win those 3.

OK.. to even more put off the bad news, I will now talk about the new job. I start my new job today at Company B. Hopefully, all will go well. Probably the good news, is that I won't have the time to read as many blogs from work as hopefully I will get back to a more productive work life. While I am looking forward to the new job and challenge, I think it is normal to be a bit apprehensive. Oh well, no turning back now.

Have you ever had a strong sense of deja vu... I know Mr Murphy must have when he was writing THOSE rules.. you know Murphy's Rules... This was one of the weeks for the ages where if anything could go wrong it did. As painful as it was, I have updated my stats. I had one of my worst weeks ever. This feels just like it did when I went into my towering downswing a few months back. If it possible to still feel that you are playing good when you have a week in the negative 4 digits, I did. I felt my reads were pretty good. Mr Turn and Mr River were not cooperating though.

If you don't like hand histories or bad beats, please skip ahead. This is hopefully going to be medicinal for me and also get it out my system.

AA UTG raised up.. and only called by BB (a good hyper aggessive player) who has T8o... flop of 23T... he check raises me and I 3 bet and he calls... Turn brings 9 and he bets out and I raise.. River.. T... he bets and I just call (yep I was crying). For the record, I probably play this hand pretty close to the same way if I was this guy... but I doesn't mean that I like the results.

KK on button 4 handed.. UTG is guy from above.. who raises preflop, I 3 bet and mr T2s (clubs)calls from BB (LAG...52%, 24, 2.3).. Td6c7s on flop and.. BB leads out, UTG raises and I 3 bet.. and BB calls... UTG caps and we both call... Turn 8c.. BB checks, UTG leads, I raise, BB calls and UTG folds (sure do wonder what he had).. River 2h.. and UTG check calls and takes down a nice $283 pot... Again, other than the loose call preflop, I probably play the same way.. after the turn... he had about a million outs.

QQ UTG 5 handed... UTG (good player).. calls with T8d... SB (which is UTG from above) calls and I raise and they both call. Terrible flop of 4d8cAd.. SB and checks, I bet, and they both call.. Turn 8h.. SB checks, I bet and now of course UTG raises, and SB folds... I should of as well but I don't... River Kd... a little bit of overkill don't you think.. .it's not bad enough to lose to trip 8s.. but let's go ahead and make it a flush... I check call... This is a hand that I should have easily gotten away from...

There are many more; but I'm sure that you get the idea... I don't know if I really call them bad beats... more like.. just unlucky... These were mixed between 5/10 and 10/20... To put a fine exclamation point to my session.. I am in the BB in a 10/20 game with only about 4 big bets left. Super LAG from Button raises.. as usual.. I have K8s and call... 2 spades on flop (I have spades) and I check (intending to check raise)... but he only checks... K on Turn and of course I end up all in... He has K9o to out kick me.... That's right... out kicked me... right in the junk.

So the session started out as just not getting cards as after about the first 400 hands or so.. I my stats looked something like... 14, 6, 1.73... Looks more like full ring stats than shorthanded... well, as usual, the hands started to come... the unfortunate part was that I lost with most of them. We'll see what this week brings... I'm not sure what the plans are... Most likely, I will try to make up for the bad week by playing 10/20 games... Does anybody else see the obvious end to this bad dream...


For a change of pace, I did play some mini steps on Party. I hadn't played on Party in a while so I didn't want to get that dreaded email from them saying that they are going to pull points for not playing... I did make it to step 3 a couple of times; but my luck wasn't any better there... so I do have a couple of free Step 1s to play.. We'll see how it goes... It was nice to get out of the routien of limit play. I remembered how much I do like the SNGs.. Could be some foreshadowing here.....

Anyway, Have a good week!!!!


TripJax said...

-Nice job in HUC3
-Condolences on the tough poker week.
-Good luck with the new job this week.

cmitch said...

Good luck with the new job.

Be prepared to be stuck in the Party Poker Step black hole :)

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Good luck with the new job!
I too enjoy the Party ministeps from time to time. I've made it to step 5 once or twice but have not been able to win the big one yet. I think I still have a few step 2 and even step 3 tokens sitting around there, but haven't played the ministeps again for some time. Maybe now is a good time to get back to them. Perhaps I'll run into you there.

mowenumdown said...

Keep it up in the HUC.

mowenumdown said...

BTW, I won 1000 in the steps on Party. Its a cool format.

pokerpeaker said...

Sorry about the bad week, Will. In a strange way, watching you struggle has reassured me through my own losing streak, detailed in my recent blog, because if a great player like you can go through it, then I'm not doing much wrong.

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