Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Bits and Pieces

No poker in the last couple of days.... Probably none today as I have my monthly home game. It's been a nice little break; but I'm aching to get back to the action. So, I do have a couple of things I wanted to throw out..

It appears that recently everytime I play, I have been getting stuck early. So I want to look at results by the hour and see how it looks. Poker Tracker will give you something similar to what I want; but it only gives you bb/100 based on the starting time of your session. Another words, if you start a session at 8PM and play for 3 hours, Poker Tracker's chart will show the complete session in the 8PM time slot. So I have a SQL Query that will give me what I need. What I expect to see is that the 7PM and 8PM time slot might not be as high as the subsequent time slots. Here are the results (in Eastern Time). By the way, the data below represents all hands recorded by Poker Tracker since December 6th... which was right about the time that I switched over to playing short handed tables. These stats also don't account for multi-tabling.

Hour# of Gamesbb/100
12 am3,1113.67
1 am1,516-2.73
2 am1,177-4.28
3 am1,2077.88
4 am46925.84
5 am2142.04
6 am1186.82
7 am7133.33
8 am3536.52
9 am305-1.14
10 am348-8.45
11 am21215.97
12 pm174-2.23
1 pm6252.09
2 pm1,149-3.08
3 pm1,839-3.49
4 pm1,2655.03
5 pm5305.77
6 pm33923.98
7 pm4752.39
8 pm1,723-9.03
9 pm4,0823.14
10 pm4,7152.16
11 pm4,201-0.38

So, as I kind of expected, the 8PM time slot is not good. In fact, it is my worst. Also as expected was that I did better at 9PM and 10PM... Pretty much break even at 11PM. Midnight stats are good; but the surprise is the 1AM and 2AM stats... as they go way down. My theory going in was that the later I played the better my results would be. Possibly, because I thought that I would be playing more Non-American players who tend to be on the looser side. Wrong!!!! I'll have to rethink that... although during the wee hours of the night, my results are fine.

I'm not sure if I'm surprised at the mid-afternoon stats. Typically, I'm playing here during Baby Wonka's nap and may be in too much of a hurry to get results. Again, I will have to rethink how I play then and if it is even worth it.

The next section probably goes into the too much information category; but I thought you might find it entertaining... basically took the same stats from above and broke it down by Day of the Week and the Level that I was playing at... Enjoy.. I'm not going to go into too much analysis here.

DOWLevelHour# of Gamesbb/100
Sunday$10/$20 (6 max)12 am1310.00
Sunday$10/$20 (6 max)1 am12210.80
Sunday$10/$20 (6 max)2 am8210.82
Sunday$10/$20 (6 max)3 am4635.98
Sunday$10/$20 (6 max)9 pm897.42
Sunday$10/$20 (6 max)11 pm1076.12
Sunday$10/$20 (6 max) Total4475.37
Sunday$15/$30 (6 max)2 am6616.82
Sunday$15/$30 (6 max)3 am6220.43
Sunday$15/$30 (6 max)8 am1052.35
Sunday$15/$30 (6 max)10 pm4011.00
Sunday$15/$30 (6 max)11 pm1297.50
Sunday$15/$30 (6 max) Total2851.82
Sunday$2/$48 am714.29
Sunday$2/$49 am2045.00
Sunday$2/$4 Total2737.04
Sunday$2/$4 (6 max)8 am341.67
Sunday$2/$4 (6 max)9 am195.26
Sunday$2/$4 (6 max) Total221.14
Sunday$3/$612 am611.23
Sunday$3/$61 pm234.35
Sunday$3/$6 Total842.08
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)12 am14529.20
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)8 am3533.45
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)9 am1698.96
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)11 am233.33
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)12 pm1742.23
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)1 pm38611.36
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)2 pm20527.56
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)3 pm5357.63
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)4 pm12920.99
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)6 pm524.57
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)7 pm2459.38
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)9 pm20314.78
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)10 pm2660.31
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max)11 pm2393.21
Sunday$3/$6 (6 max) Total24114.73
Sunday$5/$1012 am409.00
Sunday$5/$104 pm1111.17
Sunday$5/$105 pm5316.98
Sunday$5/$10 Total2046.81
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)12 am26316.82
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)1 am24113.37
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)2 am1407.74
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)3 am2282.54
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)4 am2043.39
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)5 am2142.04
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)6 am1186.82
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)1 pm1191.82
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)2 pm3722.70
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)3 pm7511.47
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)5 pm184.72
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max)6 pm2039.00
Sunday$5/$10 (6 max) Total14621.82
Sunday Total$5/$10 (6 max) Total49422.59
Monday$10/$20 (6 max)12 am2669.81
Monday$10/$20 (6 max) Total2669.81
Monday$15/$307 am7133.33
Monday$15/$30 Total7133.33
Monday$15/$30 (6 max)12 am664.44
Monday$15/$30 (6 max) Total664.44
Monday$3/$68 pm838.73
Monday$3/$69 pm1328.40
Monday$3/$610 pm437.50
Monday$3/$6 Total2191.07
Monday$3/$6 (6 max)12 am2443.75
Monday$3/$6 (6 max)10 am1083.32
Monday$3/$6 (6 max)11 am10.00
Monday$3/$6 (6 max)7 pm12420.03
Monday$3/$6 (6 max)8 pm41715.49
Monday$3/$6 (6 max)9 pm10981.09
Monday$3/$6 (6 max)10 pm15312.43
Monday$3/$6 (6 max)11 pm8883.62
Monday$3/$6 (6 max) Total41911.96
Monday$5/$1010 pm3200.00
Monday$5/$1011 pm4024.50
Monday$5/$10 Total438.84
Monday$5/$10 (6 max)9 pm1950.53
Monday$5/$10 (6 max)10 pm10216.18
Monday$5/$10 (6 max)11 pm6434.06
Monday$5/$10 (6 max) Total18515.51
Monday Total$5/$10 (6 max) Total48010.18
Tuesday$1/$2 (6 max)8 pm445.00
Tuesday$1/$2 (6 max) Total445.00
Tuesday$10/$20 (6 max)9 pm620.83
Tuesday$10/$20 (6 max)10 pm6222.26
Tuesday$10/$20 (6 max)11 pm6458.56
Tuesday$10/$20 (6 max) Total13216.99
Tuesday$3/$66 pm5217.71
Tuesday$3/$69 pm427.74
Tuesday$3/$610 pm730.34
Tuesday$3/$611 pm6316.53
Tuesday$3/$6 Total23010.05
Tuesday$3/$6 (6 max)12 am5779.53
Tuesday$3/$6 (6 max)1 am3501.40
Tuesday$3/$6 (6 max)2 am20813.74
Tuesday$3/$6 (6 max)3 am9926.60
Tuesday$3/$6 (6 max)7 pm859.80
Tuesday$3/$6 (6 max)8 pm6352.60
Tuesday$3/$6 (6 max)9 pm8412.03
Tuesday$3/$6 (6 max)10 pm5231.77
Tuesday$3/$6 (6 max)11 pm3943.24
Tuesday$3/$6 (6 max) Total37120.49
Tuesday$5/$10 (6 max)12 am4638.15
Tuesday$5/$10 (6 max)1 am2064.00
Tuesday$5/$10 (6 max)2 am1344.70
Tuesday$5/$10 (6 max)3 am1941.76
Tuesday$5/$10 (6 max)4 am8327.35
Tuesday$5/$10 (6 max)9 am6720.37
Tuesday$5/$10 (6 max)1 pm4526.22
Tuesday$5/$10 (6 max)2 pm7251.81
Tuesday$5/$10 (6 max)9 pm2525.80
Tuesday$5/$10 (6 max) Total6869.98
Tuesday$8/$16 (6 max)12 am150.00
Tuesday$8/$16 (6 max)1 am7920.25
Tuesday$8/$16 (6 max)2 am8015.00
Tuesday$8/$16 (6 max)3 am921.19
Tuesday$8/$16 (6 max)4 am20118.28
Tuesday$8/$16 (6 max) Total2722.18
Tuesday Total$8/$16 (6 max) Total50362.54
Wednesday$10/$20 (6 max)12 am3119.52
Wednesday$10/$20 (6 max)10 pm190.53
Wednesday$10/$20 (6 max)11 pm1152.27
Wednesday$10/$20 (6 max) Total6119.51
Wednesday$2/$4 (6 max)10 pm110.00
Wednesday$2/$4 (6 max) Total110.00
Wednesday$3/$610 pm7222.11
Wednesday$3/$611 pm14712.51
Wednesday$3/$6 Total2191.13
Wednesday$3/$6 (6 max)12 am1786.88
Wednesday$3/$6 (6 max)2 pm467.93
Wednesday$3/$6 (6 max)3 pm1410.92
Wednesday$3/$6 (6 max)4 pm4514.44
Wednesday$3/$6 (6 max)7 pm2711.42
Wednesday$3/$6 (6 max)8 pm22114.93
Wednesday$3/$6 (6 max)9 pm34217.37
Wednesday$3/$6 (6 max)10 pm3708.29
Wednesday$3/$6 (6 max)11 pm19014.25
Wednesday$3/$6 (6 max) Total15604.51
Wednesday$5/$10 (6 max)10 pm6716.04
Wednesday$5/$10 (6 max)11 pm16217.01
Wednesday$5/$10 (6 max) Total22916.72
Wednesday Total$5/$10 (6 max) Total20802.23
Thursday$10/$20 (6 max)1 am730.65
Thursday$10/$20 (6 max)2 am1713.45
Thursday$10/$20 (6 max)3 am17614.10
Thursday$10/$20 (6 max)11 pm3220.16
Thursday$10/$20 (6 max) Total4528.12
Thursday$3/$612 am887.48
Thursday$3/$61 am1154.55
Thursday$3/$69 pm6615.04
Thursday$3/$610 pm1274.54
Thursday$3/$611 pm622.70
Thursday$3/$6 Total3541.91
Thursday$3/$6 (6 max)12 am2879.34
Thursday$3/$6 (6 max)7 pm11645.04
Thursday$3/$6 (6 max)8 pm1970.51
Thursday$3/$6 (6 max)9 pm5520.85
Thursday$3/$6 (6 max)10 pm8155.39
Thursday$3/$6 (6 max)11 pm51210.98
Thursday$3/$6 (6 max) Total24792.84
Thursday$5/$1010 pm2645.38
Thursday$5/$1011 pm3026.67
Thursday$5/$10 Total5635.36
Thursday$5/$10 (6 max)12 am1988.21
Thursday$5/$10 (6 max)1 am16413.87
Thursday$5/$10 (6 max)2 am658.33
Thursday$5/$10 (6 max)8 pm8156.25
Thursday$5/$10 (6 max)9 pm7421.22
Thursday$5/$10 (6 max)10 pm4515.33
Thursday$5/$10 (6 max)11 pm8836.36
Thursday$5/$10 (6 max) Total58313.41
Thursday Total$5/$10 (6 max) Total39241.07
Friday$10/$20 (6 max)12 am1158.00
Friday$10/$20 (6 max)1 am4537.00
Friday$10/$20 (6 max)8 am520.96
Friday$10/$20 (6 max)10 am1199.16
Friday$10/$20 (6 max)11 am5925.68
Friday$10/$20 (6 max) Total3903.13
Friday$3/$612 am7810.04
Friday$3/$61 am2633.65
Friday$3/$65 pm1057.50
Friday$3/$66 pm3417.16
Friday$3/$610 pm2922.41
Friday$3/$611 pm9312.46
Friday$3/$6 Total2702.25
Friday$3/$6 (6 max)12 am2598.95
Friday$3/$6 (6 max)1 am2134.00
Friday$3/$6 (6 max)10 am762.63
Friday$3/$6 (6 max)11 am1333.33
Friday$3/$6 (6 max)4 pm5146.67
Friday$3/$6 (6 max)6 pm11330.02
Friday$3/$6 (6 max)7 pm9919.11
Friday$3/$6 (6 max)8 pm15814.24
Friday$3/$6 (6 max)9 pm34018.59
Friday$3/$6 (6 max)10 pm1951.52
Friday$3/$6 (6 max)11 pm6383.77
Friday$3/$6 (6 max) Total18985.63
Friday$5/$10 (6 max)12 am8240.73
Friday$5/$10 (6 max)1 am2742.59
Friday$5/$10 (6 max)9 am3310.61
Friday$5/$10 (6 max)10 am61.67
Friday$5/$10 (6 max) Total14827.91
Friday Total$5/$10 (6 max) Total27066.15
Saturday$1/$2 (6 max)3 pm3175.16
Saturday$1/$2 (6 max) Total3175.16
Saturday$2/$4 (6 max)9 am3859.21
Saturday$2/$4 (6 max)10 am2138.10
Saturday$2/$4 (6 max) Total5951.69
Saturday$3/$611 am13710.99
Saturday$3/$64 pm1813.89
Saturday$3/$65 pm8417.46
Saturday$3/$6 Total23911.39
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)12 am4951.04
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)1 am2743.39
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)2 am21219.69
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)3 am1397.73
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)4 am5050.00
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)8 am1515.68
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)9 am1129.23
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)10 am1866.67
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)1 pm16017.58
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)2 pm7892.65
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)3 pm9697.52
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)4 pm7912.13
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)5 pm3650.65
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)6 pm6832.60
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)9 pm2536.49
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)10 pm3197.78
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max)11 pm27414.78
Saturday$3/$6 (6 max) Total54391.15
Saturday$5/$10 (6 max)12 am5039.80
Saturday$5/$10 (6 max)1 am8234.76
Saturday$5/$10 (6 max)2 am7821.54
Saturday$5/$10 (6 max)3 am17112.38
Saturday$5/$10 (6 max)4 am11238.30
Saturday$5/$10 (6 max)3 pm8818.30
Saturday$5/$10 (6 max)4 pm16624.57
Saturday$5/$10 (6 max)10 pm1676.25
Saturday$5/$10 (6 max)11 pm9111.15
Saturday$5/$10 (6 max) Total8543.00
Saturday Total66220.96
Grand Total301111.46


I also wanted to let you know that ThisIsTheNuts has added some additional sites that you can use to get rakeback. The new sites include:

Fortune Poker (Boss Media) w/ 25% rakeback
CD Poker (iPoker Network) w/30% rakeback
Pacific Poker w/ 25% rakeback

and they have a deal with Pacific that 25% of the rake TITN players generate goes towards a monthly freeroll. Pretty cool.

They are also running WSOP type promos for Absolute, Sun Poker and Eurobet.

Another nice thing is that if you sign up you can get referral rakeback (2.5%-5% depending on the site) so feel free to use WillWonka as a referral code. I would like to thank the few people that have done this and I hope you are enjoying getting paid to play.


Another little cool thing that I came across was something called MyBloglog. Have you ever wondered what people are doing on your site? This tracks what links people are clicking on your site. It's pretty cool. They have a free version and cost version. The free version only has limited capabilities and is not real time; but is fine for somebody like me.

Take a look and let me know what you think.


Kudos to XM Radio for adding a new Classic Rock Channel. Their other classic rock channels had too much variety... is that possible? At least for me they did as I didn't know over half the songs... What fun is that...


And finally a non poker item.. I am a NetFlix subscriber. We dropped our movie channels on our satellite in lieu of getting this. It really has worked out bettter for us as we can get movies for both us and the little one. Anyway, as I watch the movies, I am going to throw my ratings (not reviews... OK, OK.. maybe a brief review) of the movies for a change of pace. Keep in mind that since baby Wonka came around, we never seem to find the time to see movies in the theatre so the movies that I will be lisiting will be older movies. Here are the last few:

The Longest Yard - 6 out of 10... original was better in my opinion
House of D - David Duchovny and Robin Williams Movie.. - 6 out of 10
Empire Falls - HBO mini series.. - 4 out of 10
Batman Begins - 8 out of 10
MindHunters - 6
The Interpretor - 6

Have a good weekend!!!!


fairnbalncd said...

Nice numbers. I still count outs on my fingers though.

I'd think the "recreational" players would hover around the time they get off work until maybe an hour or two after dinner time.

Daytime seems to be more "serious" players, guess they should be working. And 1-2AM, the number of players seem to drop dramatically.

I like to play when I can. And if I'm going to move up the limits, I should be able to play tough tables and players at lower limits.

Besides, suckouts and bad players ocurr 24/7 don't they?

Fluffer said...

It looks like the answer is simple, start playing at 9:00 pm.

Honestly, do you think you are little looser when you first sit down to play? When you first sit down to play, you are ready for the action!!!

$1 sidebet on who lasts longer tonight?

The Professor said...

I'll take your sidebet, Fluff

cc said...

will, i've got a technical issue trying to get pokerstars to work with pokertracker (just deposited there for the first time). Can you email me with how to be sure i'm getting it to work (or maybe a good time we can AIM through it)? No rush, but thanks if you can help.

Michael said...

Interesting stuff, Will.

I also used to have the same problem as you in that I often started in the hole. For me, it was due to not having a feel for the players at the table. Once I get the feel for how my opponents play, I make better decisions. Those first few orbits often cause me trouble, so I try to keep a lid on playing speculative hands at first.

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