Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Misc Stuff

First, I would like to send a shout out to 3Jacks for highlighting me in his Blogger Spotlight. Very Cool. Like I told him.. people like him, among others, set the standard for us "newbies" to get into this blogging game. I just hope that I can follow the example of him and the others. Thanks J. Of course, this goes without saying, you should put him on your daily read as his is one the best ones out there.


I have updated my stats for the month. It was a successful month; but it was a woulda, shoulda, coulda month as well... That $1,100 loss day really put a damper on the month.... but as they say.. that's poker. I'm still trying to decide what to do for the upcoming month. Do I stay in my comfort zone and continue with a pretty good win rate at the 3/6 tables.... Do I move a level to 5/10 and give it a go there (of course 5/10 was mostly responsible for the 4 digit loss day)... or do I really take a shot returning back to the 10/20, 15/30 games. Like I say.. I don't know what I'm going to do. More than likely, I will start out in my comfort zone and adjust accordingly.


I would like to thank those who signed up under me with ThisIsTheNuts. I appreciate it very much. I'm going to be signing up for another site myself. It just doesn't make sense to be playing poker and not getting paid. Bonuses are nice; but a steady stream of rakeback is the way to go... so I may be repeating myself here; but if you are not getting paid to play, click on the ThisIsTheNuts banner over on the right and check out their site and starting gettting 25-40% of your rake paid back to you. And if you like tell them that WillWonka sent you.


I'm a little behind in reading my cardplayer magazine; but they had a nice article in the issue with Men the Master on it dealing with Heads Up play. Lee Jones was the author along with somebody else. They have something called the SAGE system (Sit And Go End Game solution). It is a pretty interesting read. Click here to read it. I'd be interested to hear what other thought about it... or if anybody has tried it with their simulators.


Poker wise in the last few days have been about normal... Monday was another hit and run session... 70 Hands for $142. After the big loss the other day, I am content to have a few hit and run sesssions. Tuesday was more or less breakeven.. about 200 hands for $40... I only had 45 minutes to play as I agreed to watch some shows with Mrs Wonka... The show was Empire Falls that we received on DVD from Netflix. It was an HBO series.. She liked it... I found myself dozing through most of it.

I'm going to have call it a day on this post.. I still have some things I want to throw out there... hopefully this week sometime.



TripJax said...

You deserved it Wonka. And thanks for the props.

I'd be interested to know if you think it would be worth the time and effort to sign up for rakeback if you primarily play SNG's...

Have you heard or read any info about rakeback and SNG's?

Michael said...

Great month, Will!

From what you have seen, where are good sites that have some $2/4 and $3/6 full ring HE action that offer "legal" rakeback?

WillWonka said...

TJ.. I will have to check.. I believe AP now pays rakeback on tourneys.

M.. There must be.. although, I haven't look specifically at Full Ring Lately.. .Between Full Tilt, Absolute, Battlefield (Prima), InterPoker and Sun(Crypto), Ultimate Bet, Doyles Room and EuroBet (PokerRoom), there has to be some Full Ring Play..

Just click on ThisIsTheNuts and they should be able to answer any questions... Their support is very good.. I usually get an email response within 15 minutes in the evening.

Guin said...


Great to see others doing so well at the tables and in getting going in the blogging department.

Just added you to my blogroll.

keep up the good results and interesting posts.

Michael said...

Thanks, Will!

The Professor said...

Thanks, Will

I love the SAGE system. If we wind up playing each other heads-up this month you may regret sharing the info.

Great blog as always

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