Thursday, March 16, 2006


Not much going on for me.. I am really busy at work since tomorrow is my last day at Company A. By the way, Company B did step up and return to plan A as far as the bonus goes so all is well there...

I played a little on PokerStars to work off their reload bonus... Nothing to great to report there... I made about $320 (including bonus) in 1,200 hands.... playing 3/6, 5/10 and 10/20... mostly 3/6. I don't think I played there long enough to get a true feel of how things are over there... especially during a reload bonus period... The question is whether I will play there any more to achieve Silver Status.. The perks don't really look that good until you reach gold status. I only need 196 pts to get to Silver. Any Stars players have any thoughts on this?

Head on over to the Heads Up Challenge blog as we are going to be starting on new Heads Up Challenge (HUC3). We are trying to get 32 people in it and we are almost there. It is great time playing with other bloggers. Poison is running in this time around and it looks to be a great time, as usual.. Even though, I just donate... It's to a good cause, I guess.

Well, the NCAAs start today and even though my beloved Bears aren't playing in it, it is still the best game in town and always one my favorite times of the year.. Since things are so crazy at work, I haven't really gotten into it like I normally do.. I think I filled out my bracket in about 20 seconds. I'm very boring and going with UCONN... who isn't. I may fill out another one to get away from the majority... but.. man... those Cats are good.... Perhaps, I add one with my other beloved team (the Longhorns) winning the whole thing.. consistency is the key for them and I really don't think they have it... but how cool would that be to win the football and basketball championship in the same year... I wonder if that has ever happened? Of course, I'll be rooting for the Missouri Valley to pull some upsets.. They really need to make some noise to get some respect.

My beloved Bears will be hosting The Cardinal of Stanford on Friday on the junior circuit... GO BEARS!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!


jjok said...

I got to Silver in Jan and Feb and really don't see the need to achieve it in future months. The only advantage is the FPP bonus of 50%.

With the gold, you get the large monthly freeroll along with a better selection in the VIP Store. Add on top the 100% (I think) bonus FPP's and you might see some advantages.

Veneno said...

Thanks for the pimpage! We got our 32 for HUC3. Soo cool.

Good Luck to ya!

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