Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Are you kidding me? and 1408

Back from the dead...... AGAIN!!!

Let's see if we can keep a pulse on this here blog.

Anyway, I was reading in some forum (I don't remember which one it was) talking about bad runs. It said something like he had gone 5 or 6 SNGs without cashing and was thinking about quitting because he couldn't take the swings.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anyway, I say that to say this. It is extremely hard to blog when you go on downswings and then eventually decide that it is not a downswing but most likely just bad play. I have just gone through my second consecutive losing year. That is really hard to say; but it is what it is.

Where do I go from here? Do I quit? Never!!! As a matter of fact, I am even more determined to play and improve. Even more stubbornly, I vow to remain playing limit holdem. You would think that after years of playing something that you would be good enough to make money at it. Nope, not me.

So, while others are putting out there goals this year, I will simply put out one goal.


So what do you do to help achieve that? Here is my list in no particular order.

1. Play poker and continue to learn from experience.

2. Training Sites. So far, I am really enjoying Stoxpoker (see banner to right) as have some good stuff on limit poker. More on some of the prose at stoxpoker later.

3. Hand of the day post. I am going to try and post at least twice or three times a week a hand from my play and analyze a bit. I will do this for two reason basically. To get me back in the hand reivew mode and to seek others opinions. Since my bankroll is so low, it will be mostly and the 1/2 and 2/4 levels.

4. Focus on table selection. This is always hard for me as when I sign on, I want to start playing.

There are some more that I will expand on in future posts.


I resigned up for, so I will also be putting short reviews of movies as I watch them. Again, mostly for review later down the road. Again, most of the movies that I review will old movies because with 2 kids, we don't watch many movies anymore.

First movie up is 1408.

To start with, I must say that I am a huge Stephen King. Also, John Cusack is one of my favorite actors so I this would be a slam dunk; but unfortunately, to me, it was more of a missed layup. I just never really got into this movie and it didn't seem very original or creative to me. I think John Cusack did a fine job; but the story just didn't get me like another one of his movies that was similar to this which was the movie "Idenity". Maybe it was my fault into having to many pre-conceptions about this.

Anyway, I will keep it short this time but will give this movie:

3 stars out of 5.


lightning36 said...

Have you played any live poker at the new casino in St. Louis?

WillWonka said...

I have not; but I heard they have 13 tables; but don't know what they are spreading.

If I play live, I pretty much just play at Harrahs as that fairly close to my home.

Overall, I heard the casino is really nothing special. Just another casino.

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