Friday, January 04, 2008


As I have mentioned, I have signed up for Stoxpoker and PokerXFactor . While, I haven't put in the necessary time, I have really enjoyed them so far. Right now, I think I would give the slight edget to Stoxpoker and that is only because I am more interested in Limit right now and they also have some good SNG stuff with Collin Moshman (which of course PXF really excels in).

Anyway, I had previously mentioned a deal where you could get free books and/or software for signing up for their premium membership. See this link; but I knew the deal would only last for so long.

Below is an announcement from their site:

Effective Jan 15th there will be modifications to the Free Gift program awarded with 6 and 12 month new accounts and renewals. The details of the new program have not been announced but acting before Jan 15th will result in the highest free gift value.
If you had a premium membership previously and have considered upgrading again, if you renew your premium membership before Feb 1st you could save $69. Effective Feb 1st, if an account is renewed more than four months after the premium status lapses, you will have to pay the full $89 first month cost and not $20.

So, if you were thinking of video training and Stoxpoker, now might be the best time to do it.

By the way, they threw up some YTD graphs. Pretty sick as all told the Stoxpoker coaches made over 5 Million last year. Bryce alone made over 2.5M, Stox made a cool mil. Some of the others als made solid dollars so obviously these guys know what they are doing.

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