Monday, January 21, 2008

Mr Irrelevant and Free Poker Videos

Like I have been saying, I am going to take a look to see how I am doing towards my one and only poker goal for the year. BE A WINNING LIMIT POKER PLAYER. Well, I have played 6,435 hands this month. Am I ahead or behind, made money or lost money, have a thrown a strike or do I see a 7-10 split. As always, we'll see later.

But first, I want to continue to support and recommend poker video training. We all know, that Stox Poker is my site of choice at the moment so I wanted to let you know of something new that they have going on. If you are not sure if this the right thing for you, what is the best way to find out? Free Videos. Well, Stox Poker has just that.. Here are some of the titles:

Matt Matros video of session winning a seat in the Aussie Million. [PLAY]

Ed Miller's first video in the Poker Made Simple series: "The Art Of The Fold ". [PLAY]

Kyles latest video. A classroom video on C-Betting in NL Hold'em. [PLAY]

Dusty's recent NL Hold'em small stakes table play video. [PLAY]

Collin's video where he first played a SNG without looking at his hole cards. [PLAY]

Group commentary video on all coaches NL Hold'em session. All hole cards shown.[PLAY]

Bryce Limit Hold'em head-up match with Benyamine. [PLAY]

Bryce Limit Hold'em 6-max blind play quiz. [PLAY]

First DrRazz video. [PLAY]

If you do sign up for an account free or premium, feel free to use willwonka as a referral code.

Take a look a let me know what you think. I have not seen all of the above videos yet. I did read something where it might be a little slow due a bunch of people going to watch these.

Back to our regularly scheduled program. The last guy in the NFL football draft is typically called Mr Irrelevant. Nobody will remember that he was drafted and he will be a long shot to even make the team. That may not be as true as it used to be when there were more rounds that there are now. You know, he is the guy that was probably pretty good; but maybe just not good enough to make it to the next level but yet good enough to get drafted. Well, that guy may very well be me. Will "Mr Irrelevant" Wonka.

After 6,435, you can probably guess that I am not a winning player. But how bad am I losing, that is always my question. The answer will be told.... right now. After all of those hands, I have lost a grand total of one dollar and 49 cents. Yep, a whopping $1.49 to the negative. I guess I should be happy or maybe not as angry to be at least break even; after all, I am getting bonus and rakeback, right? WRONG!!!!!!!!! While I am looking to make money and that is OK, my goal is simply to be a WINNING LIMIT POKER PLAYER!!!! I really hope to try and study the numbers a bit this week to help identify what is going on.

One thing that you can say is that I am consistently inconsistent

I have the upswings always followed by the big downswings.
I have played most of my poker at the 1/2 level; but I also played some 2/4 and some 3/6.
Here is the breakdown:
1/2 4,825 hands 29.28 VPIP, 14.76 PFR and 2.44 AF down $14.25
2/4 1,019 hands 28.95 VPIP, 13.05 PFR and 2.01 AF up $78.87
3/6 591 hands 26.73 VPIP, 11.68 PFR and 1.73 AF down $63.36
So, it definitely seems that I get less aggressive as I go up in stakes which of course is not necessarily good. This is all a small sample size; but we'll see how things progress. Also, just on the surface, it seems that I am limping preflop too often. I might be able to get away with that in 1/2 land; but higher stakes (not necessarily 2/4 or 3/6) will make you pay for passiveness. Aggression Factors seem OK. My highest aggression factor is on the turn which is probably where I would want it to be (this stat not shown).
One thing that alos sticks out is my W$WSF (Won $ win seeing a flop). At 3/6 this number is 42.69% which is a good number. Even though I was an overall loser at this limit, things will level off if I keep this number above 40%. Both 1/2 and 2/4, I was below 40% which I will need to improve.
All three levels I am winning $ at showdown at greater than 50% so that needs to stay there.
I will look at more stuff in the days to come including positional stats.
Here's to keep fighting the fight.
Have a Nice Day!!!!


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I don't know much about limit poker... so take my comment fwiw. Your VP$IP seems very high. I mean if you're just a laggy player, I guess that's fine but if you're looking to be profitable, tightening up might be a start. I'm not saying that you do but even if you have position, calling a raise with speculative hands like KJ, KT, QT, etc may not be a good idea. Sure you can open raise with them but I question calling a raise with them. You know, the whole gap concept. Just because the table is chock full of idiots doesn't mean you have to play down to their level. I'm not saying that you are because I've never seen you play but just a general thought.

jamyhawk said...

Since I am still figuring out these kinds of numbers, this may be a dumb question. Is there a suggested corelation between PFR (pre-flop raise- I assumed) and VP$IP? Shouldn't they be closer than a 1/2 ratio (PFR/VP$IP)?

In limit, I assume you wait for good hands and then bet,bet, bet. So your PFR would be close to your VP$IP (or maybe 3/4 ratio or better).

Or am I way off here?

WillWonka said...

I think you guys are both right. I may need to bring my VPIP down a bit (not a lot); but definitely need to be raising more preflop on the hands that I am seeing.. Way too much limping going on by me.

That could be attributable to not running so goot and getting a little timid.

Shrike said...

I was thinking of upgrading to Premium in part to snag the gift points to use towards PokerTracker software etc.

If I do I'll plug in your referral code!

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