Monday, January 21, 2008

Nothing to see here

Not much going on here. I played a little bit (probably 1500 hands) with not so good results. I still hope to get a look at my play thus far this month. I really have no idea how I am in total. I know I have had more positive days; but it is those big negative days that unfortunately offset the gains.

Every once in a while there is a guy that just catches everything (and plays everything). I just can't decide if I should leave that table or play through it. For example, I would have AJ and the flop was AJ4 and I' m betting the whole way and he hits his 3rd 4 on the river. No biggie as this kind of stuff happens all they time; but when it happens time and time again (not to just me by the way), do you stay at the table or leave?

I can honestly say that I have no real desire to watch the Super Bowl. Of course, I absolutely hate the Giants (as any true Cowboys fan does) and I don't really like the Patriots other than being in awe of them. I'm not sure that I want to see a perfect season and I know I don't want the Giants to win. A tie doesn't really work as that would still be a perfect season. I can't think of any scenario that would work for me.

I will watch the Super Bowl as it is football. And if it is football, I am most likely watching.

That is it for today.

Have a good day!!!

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

As long as you can roll that stuff off your back, I'd stay at the table and just wait. Keep waiting because at some point, his bad play will come back and haunt him and I would want to be at the table when that happens.

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