Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Love in Mookie as I More or Less Bubbled

Wednesday night and we all know what time that is. MOOOOOOK Time . I double up very early on when my set of nines outlasts Waffles big slick. He called my check raise all in on a T29 board. I think he could have found a fold there; but what do I know. 99 was interesting tonight. As one time I got all my chips in with 99 and ran into KK. A little later I get KK and get all my chips in against 99. The Cowboys held up on both occasions amazingly enough.

Other than that, I can't remember anything too awful exciting. I played my normal game I chipped up. We had 78 runners tonight with all of the final table paying out. My big hand was where surflexus went all in and I went over the top with JJ. He showed AJs and it was over be it started as an ace came on the flop.. not to mention the river as well. What goes around comes around I guess as I believe I knocked him a few weeks ago on a bad beat when I cracked his Queens with A6 or something like that.

That left me crippled and I pushed with K6 on the next hand and called by 77 and AJ I think I went out in 13th just short of the final table. So far, I have gotten real close as I have a 12th, a 5th and now a 13th to go along with 2 bad finishes (again on suckouts or lost races) so I feel I am playing well; but just not well enough to finish it. I really need to work on restealing. There were a couple instances that it was a prime spot for a resteal; but I couldn't put the bet in.

Here is a look at the My Mookies this via Mook's Live Blogging...

Jan 2... 11:49 … willwonka runs into AA and guess what??? So did I!! Riding a shorty, it folds to me on the button and I jam with a “top ten” hand…J4o and of course run into riggstad’s AA in the BB. GG me.

Jan 9..

11:23 … Ouch! Battle of the wonka boys…KQ for willwonka and Q8 for wwonka69. 8 on the flop keeps the defending champ alive. KngofKngs is out in 17th.

12:18 … Bayne gets lucky, lucky, lucky with AQ vs. willwonka’s AK….Queen on the river.

12:34 … willwonka’s A9h is no good against Mattazuma’s JJ. Final four.

Jan 16..

11:04 … willwonka is all in preflop as is TheCloserX5 …KK for willwonka and JJ for TheCloser and crack go the Kings when TheCloser rivers a straight leaving will crippled.. PirateLawyer takes out GCox with KK vs. QQ.
11:06 … willwonka loses a race with 66 vs. QJ and is out in 25th.

Jan 23..

10:12 … Stat man willwonka lost a couple of races and is the next to leave followed by dnasty13.

Jan 30..

11:49 … UnTiltable15, KngofKngs and lightning36 have all been eliminated. willwonka takes a tough beat against surflexus when his JJ is outflopped by surf’s JackAce. willwonka is out followed by VinNay. 11 left with 9 getting paid.

So, as you can see, I just a little break and maybe I have a better finish.

Speaking of Mook, he is still surviving as I write this. Here's to hoping that he can make a comeback and take this thing down


Only 75 hands 3/6 tonight as I decided to just concentrate on the Mookie. I started playing while on first break and played for about 45 minutes. The session went well as I was going at a 19.33 bb/100 clip (had I played 100 of course).

Only one semi interesting hand; but nothing too spectaculer. The nice thing about this mini session is that I started off red hot. I gave back about 1/2 of it; but then finished up nicely although not quite reaching my high water mark for the night.

Anyway, as I said I was hitting early and I looked down to see 98s (clubs) on the button. It is folded to me and I raise of course. SB blinds folds and the BB 3 bets which he had done a couple times before (He was a 37/29 player). The flop comes 6h 4c 10d giving me nothing but a guy shot really. BB leads out and I go ahead a peel the flop to see what comes on the turn as I had some cards that could help. One thing that I always do is call out (sometimes out loud as I did this time) the exact card that I would like to see. So this time I said "let me see a 7 of clubs". Sure enough the beautiful 7 of clubs came out; but unfortunately, the BB didn't lead out this time but he did check call both the turn and river (with Ace High) to give me a nice pot. It was just humourous that I called the card that I wanted and it came.

Well, that should do it for today. I day left in the month and I am a huge $6 to the plus side. Hmmm, should I play tomorrow or should I just book the positive month. Of course, that number doesn't count bonus and rakeback which makes for a better (but not good) month. Lost starts tomorrow so I may be tied up most of the night with that as we didn't finish the warm up show tonight.

One final check on Mook... He is sitting in 5th place out of 7 with a little over half the average stack so he needs a double up. Best O Luck Mook!!!!

EDIT: DOH... Once again a bridesmaid. Sorry Mook, I was pulling for you.

Have a Nice Day!!!


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