Tuesday, January 08, 2008

TV Show to Watch Plus Poker and Mookie

Well, I played a few more hands with both good and bad. But we will get to that in a minute.
First, I want to mention something about TV. Recently, a series ended that has catapulted to one of my favorite all-time shows. Sometime during the summer, I rented a show called Dexter which seemed to be right up my alley regarding what shows I like. It is shown on Showtime which I do not get so I had seen it before; but had read a little about i. Well, season one did not disappoint and was one of the best seasons I have ever seen. Basically, if you don't already know, it is about a serial killer (who works for the Miami Police, by the way) who goes after other serial killers that have escaped justice. I guess it isn't always serial killers; but definitely bad dudes. Very good stuff. Season Two just ended a few weeks ago and it did not disappoint although not as good as season one.
Now, there is a void on Sunday night where we (myself and Mrs Wonka) used to watch this. With the writers strike and the end of football season, my DVR is becoming more and more empty. Having said that, I was glad to hear that Season 5 of another one of favorite all times showed started last Sunday. First, if I had to say what my favorite show of all time is, it would have to be Sports Night. It only lasted a few seasons, but what a show. It is the only TV show that I have ever bought the DVDs.
Anyway, on to last Sunday, HBO premiered the first show of The Wire about some Baltimore policeman fighting the fight in the big city against drugs, politics, unions, media, ... you name it. Wonderfully written and acted and I am really looking forward to this season. So we dropped our Showtime subscription and got HBO. The Wire is a close second to Sports Night with Dexter making its move up the charts with a bullet.

On to poker.

I started off by just playing my normal 1/2 limit on Poker Stars. Again, I try to get 200 hands in a night or session to try to stay at the Gold level for FPPs. Things went pretty well and I got my 200 hands finished in about 50 minutes. I ended up the session only up $50; but that is still 12.13 BB/100 hands which equates to about $60/hr. Not bad. I will say that I left the session with a bad taste in my mouth. My last hand on the remaining tables that had open were QQ and 55. The QQ I folded on turn to much pressure only to see a Q hit the river that would have bested KK. I folded my fives on the flop only to see a 5 come on the turn. Who knew???? That would have almost doubled my session as it turns out. DANG!!!!

Here is a chart of the session

I then switched over to my new site, Vegas Poker 24/7 and things went back to normal and I found myself down around $225 on what seems as my typical beats. One of my first hands was KK and hit my set and turned my boat; but that was not a foreshadowing as to how it would go as I only went 2 for 5 for KK over 571 hands. To keep things short since I few days late on this post, I worked it back to be only down $70 and I quit. Add in the $25 in bonus and it really isn't too bad and it did make my a whopping $4 profit for the night in total.

Here is the chart:

Now on to the Mook from last night.
As usual, this was a coulda should woulda night.
Things are going good early on. I'm not getting to showdown; but building chips which is always good. There were really 3 big hands that really cost a chance at my first Mook win of the year.
Hand #1.
I am in the SB with the Evil Wonka in the BB. Having played with him plenty, I know that he loves to push on any sign of weakness. I get KQ in SB and it is folded to me. So, instead of typical raise, I decide to just call and hope for a raise. Not only did he raise, but he pushed all in. I did pause to think about this; but called. He turned over Q8. Perfect!!!! But wait, this just in, an 8 on the flop gives him the pot and he stays alive (or maybe he had more chips.. can't remember)
Hand #2
We are down to 6 handed and I am 3rd in chips. I am in the BB and get AKo and cmitch does a standard preflop raise from button of 5,250. I reraise to about 13,250 and then he pushes for 15K more which puts him all in and mostly all in. I took about all of my time and finally gave him some respect and folded. He later told me that he had AQ.. DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice play sir. And congrats to CMitch for taking the chips plus other and taking down the Mook . I like my chances with AK vs AQ.... or do I? next big hand
Hand #3
6 hands later, I get AKs again and again in the BB. Shortstack Bayne/luckbox (just kidding) pushed and I had an easy call with AKs. He turned over AQ. Flop was 556 and I thought I could see a chop coming. Turn... Ace... Oh boy, here comes another Ace or 6 for a chop... River... Q... YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! That is not a chop... I lose half my chips and become the shorty.
I actually built back up but ended up calling a push with A9s and lost to Mattazuma's pocket Jacks and went out in 5th. So yeah, shoulda woulda coulda.
That should do it for now...
Have a Nice Day!!!!
(I really need to get a better ending slogan)

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