Sunday, January 27, 2008

When is Flopping Quads Bad?

Nothing too exciting this weekend. Should have worked, but I didn't. Should done some stuff around the house, but I didn't. Should have gotten outside more as it was relatively nice this weekend, but I didn't. Shouldn't have played poker, but I did. OK, it wasn't that bad as I did finish up for the weekend; but it was a constant struggle.

Most of it was played Sunday. I had my RaketheRake 12K freeroll on Sunday; but nothing doing there as I finished in the mid 150s where 70 paid. Nothing exciting there. Just lost the big race when I needed a win.

So I played in the afternoon during that and then again in the evening. All told a little over 700 hands. I found myself in catchup mode all day. One of the first hands of the night was pocket aces and it went four handed and lost when bottom pair couldn't fold and hit 2 pair on river while the other 2 also came along so that would have been nice. I almost caught back up and ready to call it a night when this hand came up.

Absolute Poker
Limit Holdem Ring game
Limit: $3/$6
4 players

Stack sizes:
Hero: $66.50
Button: $372.72
SB: $125.50
BB: $209.75

Pre-flop: (4 players) Hero is UTG with :4c :4s
Hero calls, Button folds, SB calls, BB checks.

Flop: :4h :9d :4d (3SB, 3 players)
SB bets, BB folds, Hero calls.

Turn: :9s (2.5BB, 2 players)
SB checks, Hero bets, SB calls.

River: :9h (4.5BB, 2 players)
SB bets, Hero raises, SB 3-bets, Hero caps, SB calls.

Final pot: 12.5BB
Hero Shows 4c 4s
SB Shows 9c 3c

This guy was very passive 48/0/.5 stats so I should have just called 3 bet on river; but what can you do. When you flop quads, you just expect to win. Luckily, this wasn't really on Absolute (it was on VegasPoker247) because this wouldn't have qualified for the bad beat jackpot that Absolute has running on most of their tables.


The new pokertracker is out in beta release now. It only works for FTP, Stars and Party at the moment and the HUD is also not working at the moment. I, for one, will probably just wait for the commercial release which should be in the next month or two.

I'm sure there are some people that are already using it such as nsidestrate and will like it. I know there is a bunch of stuff being posted on 2+2. I haven't really had time to browse over that just yet. I am looking forward to it, I believe. Anybody else using it yet?


Also, if you aren't reading MiamiDon's (former St Louisian) blog lately, then you are missing some good stuff.

That's it for now.

Have a good day!!!!

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Btw, aren't you a former HUC champion? Shouldn't you come join the party to show everyone how it's done?

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