Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Template

Hey All,

Not much today. I've done some changed my template around to a 3 column template. Let me know your thoughts?

I've also added a couple of things.

I've added a blog list that will be my top blogs that I am reading at the moment. This will most change constantly.

I've added a Stoxpoker section to the bottom. We'll see how that works.

I hope to add a banner at the top in the upcoming weeks.

I'll talk more about this and my day later.

Again, let me know what you think? Better, worse, Don't care?


Pokerwolf said...

The StoxPoker template gets lost at the bottom of the page due to your blogroll. If you can resize it to fit better, then keep it. Otherwise, no one will see it unless they scroll to the bottom of your page.

Otherwise, the new look is pretty spiffy. Well done!

WillWonka said...

You may be right.. I wanted it at the bottom; but it may be lost with the other stuff. Not to mention that it may be blocked by a bunch of work places (like mine) so in theory, I think it is good; but in practice.. maybe not so much

Lifesagrind said...

I don't remember what your site looked like before but this layout is very text heavy. I like the three column approach but their are a few areas I would improve.

* The dark grey sidebar is a bit too much, I'd just stick with white.
* The 12 blog blogroll should switch locations with the archive.
* Make the archive a dropdown list as opposed to a long listing.
* The sponsor area needs to be broken up by some graphics. Intersperse your rackeback deal graphics in their so it doesn't seem so overwhelming.
* I don't see a stox poker area at all.

That's what grabbed me at first glance.

Jason said...

can you bring back a link to your bloglines(blogroll)?

WillWonka said...

First, thanks for the comments as I really do take notice of them.

I've made a conscience decision to keep it text looking for the most part. While I do have some graphics, I don't want that to become too overwhelming.

-I'll take a look at the coloring..

-I'm sure that I will play around with positioning a bunch until I get it like I want it.

-I tried the drop down for Archive but didn't like it at all. I like that you can collapse and open previous months and years. It all be minimized as well so for that I feel it is pretty dynamic.

-I took out StoxPoker as it was all the way on bottom and unless you knew it was there, you would never see it; plus it got the big forbidden sign on it from my work and thought that this might prohibit others as well. I'll probably go back to some sort of banner like I had previously.

Again, thanks for the comments.

WillWonka said...


Thanks for noticing that. A bunch of the things that I had did not carry over to the new blog for some reason.

I have added a link to my bloglines.

Who links to my website?