Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Setless and the MOOk

Short post as I am tired.

I final tabled the Mook but went out in 9th where 7 paid. I was really up and down. I got really lucky and really unlucky. I was even last place for a while. Mook had a real good shot to win his own tournament but lost when his 77 was no good against 66. Dang!!!!

Yesterday, I mentioned how over 43 times that had pocket pairs, I only flopped a set once and that was quad aces in which I did not get much action. The law of averages would say that tonight, things would be better and I might flop a few more sets than the average 12%. Let's take a look..

OK... 54 Pocket Pairs tonight (not counting tournies). Flopped Sets? ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, the BIG GOOSE EGG, NONE, ZIP. I think you get the idea. So over the past 2 days, I am flopping sets at an amazing 1.02%. Come on now, show me some love.

I also had Aces cracked twice tonight and of course pocket kings were bested again tonight so this made for a very bumpy night ended up a little ahead.

Here is what the stats looked like:

19.7/14.2/1.79 for 10.60 bb/100

I made a crazy bluff on a guy that squeezes over 25% of the time; but things didn't work out and I threw away $25 on that one so as it was I was up about 1 buyin over 916 hands. Much like the tournament, it was a roller coaster the whole way. Take a look:

Have a nice Day!!!

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