Monday, June 02, 2008

May wrap up

May will go down in the history books as very forgettable. I played almost 18,000 hands and lost 4.7bb / 100. It was mostly due to a huge downswing in the early to mid month stage. For whatever reason, I got back to playing more passive as my stats were 23/16/2.3.

I will have to continue to work on that. I also need avoid "Hero" calls. If the call is marginal, I need to just muck and move on and wait for better opportunities. I can think of 3 stackings where I said that there was really no logical way that this guy has a better hand only to see that he did have a better hand and I paid for it.

Now, June has already started on a sour note; but lots of time there.

I'm still loving Holdem Manager. As I have mentioned before, they have a stat for set %. Obviously the average answer is around 12.5%. One day last week, this number was at 8% which in itself is bad; but is it possible for you to get lucky in those 8%. Yes, is the answer. Take a look at this HEM graph which also shows All in EV which kind of takes a look at luck factor.

What this graph shows is how you "should" of ended up if when you got the chips in the middle. This chart shows that I should have been a big loser on the day; but I got lucky on some of my all ins. Oh well, it happens.
We'll see how it goes.
Have a nice day!!

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CC said...

I can't even calculate how much it has cost me to be right one out of ten times I hero call. It feels brave for a split second, then I have to hurry to reload before I miss my blind, which is always a little frustrating.

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