Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tim Hawkins and

No real interesting hands last night. I started off bad with set over set and lost a few more; but ending getting my own set over set and came back and won 20.58 bb/100 over 589 hands so we have a happy ending.

As I believe I mentioned before, I had a really busy weekend. The last thing we did was get a babysitter and went out for dinner and a comedy show. The guy we saw was Tim Hakwins . I'm not one to really roll over laugh; but I had tears from laughing so hard. The opening guy was funny as well. One of the things he does is redo songs ala Weird Al. This video below just came out yesterday and is pretty good. I was surprised to see that is was on the "what's being watched" list on YouTube.

I have not intent getting all political on here, I just thought it was funny.

Have a nice day!!!

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