Friday, July 29, 2005

OK, I've been humbled

Take a look at this link to a 19 year old poker pro in Maryland... The gist is that he played 1,000 200+15 SNGS in less than a month. Check out the link to see the results..

Wow... and I'll say it again... wow.

Oh to be young and fearless.

It does raise an interested question. What is the true difference between a $5 SNG and $10.. $10 and $50... $50 & $100... $100 and $200. I can only actually speak on SNGs from $5 to $50. I can say that I can tell that there are better players at $50 than $5 (obviously)... but I didn't see a great difference between say... 20, 30 and 50. I guess it is all about bankroll.

Did I say wow?

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GaryC said...

Holy F&*#!

I don't think you can say Wow enough times about that. We should all aspire to make that kind of money. Double-Wow-Wow.

Your run on the $50 SNG's blows me away and now that. Damn, I guess we can dream about that.


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