Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Powers that be

Well, as we can see, I have not been burning up the SNG tables. A popular notion would be to take a break; but at the same time, I wanted to finish out the month. Well, the powers that be had other ideas. They were on the "take a SNG break" camp. For whatever reason, Party Poker wasn't cooperating and they were having software troubles. I figured something was wrong when it took 5 minutes to logon. So I thank the "powers that be" for giving me a much needed SNG break.

So what did I do? Maybe I should take the whole night off. Certainly a popular choice with my wife; but then she went to walk on the treadmill... so of course... Poker here I come. So I played about an hour and I had a positive session... OK, OK, I won a whopping $2. I'll take that over a losing session anyday... especially the days that I have been having. I was down over $120 at one point; but came back and quit once I got back to postive territory (plus the wife was done working out). We stuck in a movie (Bourne Idenitity) and we both proceeded to fall asleep within 30 minutes.

I sat down at some sites that I haven't played in awhile. I played 5/10 at Poker World. I do like that site; but they just don't have the traffic. They have a really juicy $1K guarantee every night ($20 + rebuys). I didn't make it to the PC in time for that. They start at 8PM Central time. I played some draws agressively at first and wasn't hitting (it was only 6 people when I first signed on); but things got better as we moved towards a full table. A lot of people are better at 6 max tables; but I'm only about 50/50 on those. I also played 1/2 at PokerStars. I only have $30 at PS. I had just made a $50 deposit to play in the Charile (or should I say donate since I didn't play). This was my first site and in my mind, it has always been my favorite site. I really hadn't played in the site in over a year. Anyway, I didn't like it as much. The cards seem smaller (since I have my monitor set pretty small to accomodate my 4 tabling) and in general slower. In my humble opinion, Party Skins software are second to none. The cards are bigger. Hand histories on the hard drive. You can immediately pull up prior hands from table and see what people who mucked their hands at showdown actually had.... not to mention that I am getting rakeback from that site. I would be curious as to what others thought the best software is (not including the players that play there... just software).

That should do it for now.


HighOnPoker said...

I really liked Golden Palace and Noble Poker. Both are off the beaten path, but the interfaces are easy to deal with. I can't stand FullTilt, which for some reason just seems too involved to me. Keep it simple. That's the name of the game.

Mourn said...

Poekr Stars stores hand histories on your drive now and you can access them through the chip tray to pull up the same type of display that Party offers, including mucked showdown cards.

Stars is still my favorite if the evaluation criteria are software alone.

WillWonka said...

that's good to know about stars. I didn't realize that.

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