Sunday, July 24, 2005

SNG - Day 19

As you can probably guess, the uphill battle continued yesterday. I did something yesterday that I hadn't done in a long time. As I have mentioned before, I have gotten to a point that I can handle bad beats and/or tilt pretty good. Well, until yesterday. Yesterday, something actually had to go airborn. In this case, it was just a pen. I was already past the point of screaming and pounding on the desk. I have to admit, that they weren't all bad beats... just bad timing. We'll call a Series of Unfortunate Events (more on the this non poker subject coming soon). When does patience and determinedness get passed up by stubborness. Is that the point that I am at now? I certainly don't think that the $50 SNG level is beyond my abilities. So what to do? Well, one thing for sure, I am going to continue on this path through the end of the month. Maybe the law of averages will work for me. My bankroll of over 12K is certainly in no danger of being busted. More on bankroll coming later. Well, here are the eagerly anticipated numbers:

July SNG Breakdown
July 23
5 - 7
8 - 10

  1. 8th - AK lost to 99... I am actually going to track the all-in races starting today.
  2. 7th - AK lost to K9s.. all in preflop... hand b4... TT lost to AK on river
  3. 2nd - J4s lost to 83 on river.. 4 card flush
  4. 5th - 77 lost to 99
  5. 4th - K6 lost to A8
  6. 4th - AQ lost to 33
  7. 9th - QQ lost to A5... all in preflop.. This guy also called all in on the very first hand (preflop) with A4.. The other person also had QQ. What can you do?
  8. 6th - KQs lost to TT... 2 Qs on board
  9. 5th - K9 lost to TT
  10. 2nd - Q7 lost to K3
  11. 7th - K9s lost ATs.. again I had second nut flush only to lose to nut flush.
  12. 7th - 44 lost to 93
  13. 2nd - J3s lost A7s
  14. 1st - AK beat Q6
  15. 8th - QQ lost to A2 on river... trip 2's
  16. 8th - AQ lost to AK.. bad raise from after flop that had an ace on it. I actually went all in to get the other out. Well.. I got the original better out instead and buttoned called with the AK
  17. 3rd - 44 lost to AA
  18. 4th - 77 lost to AA
  19. 9th- AK lost to J9
  20. 6th - A5s lost to A3
  21. 5th - K9 lost to 77... most lost a little earlier on KQ losing to KK when Q came on flop
  22. 2nd - A6 lost to AK
  23. 9th - AQ lost to AK... again
  24. 5th - QQ lost to A3... this was the final straw when something went airborn. Normal 3x raise preflop. flop KKK... I bet 75% of the pot and got called. Turn is rag. I go all in and he calls. River... any guesses... nope not an ace... the 4th K so I got outkicked. I feel like throwing something now after repeating it.
  25. 1st - QQ beat A7
  26. 6th - 85 lost to QT.. flopped middle pair with gut shot.. Level 6 so I tried to make a move. The flop also had T so IGHN.

There you have it and there you are.

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