Monday, July 25, 2005

SNG - Day 20

Could it be law of averages? Maybe the cards just weren't so against me yesterday. I did track my all in races and I did lose my first 3; but then won the next 2. I'm not sure if I recorded them all. Sometimes things get pretty hectic playing the multiple tables and I forget to write down some things. I'm still amazed at the play of some of the people... especially at the $50 level. Oh well, what can you do? Here is what seems to be a typical tourney these days. As with most SNGs, there are the critical moments that will either make you or break you. In this one, there were 4. I would be interested to see your opinions on these.

Critical Hand#1. I have played 20 hands and am a little over what I began with. With blinds of 15/30, I am in EP+1 and get KJc. It is always risky raising from this position; but I raise 3x and get 3 callers. Flop comes 32J (2 spades, 1 club). SB bets 30 and I raise to 375. 1 caller and then an all-in (who I have covered). SB folded and there is one more person to act after me. What do you do? Results below.

Critical Hand#2. Hand #24. Blinds are 25/50 and I have a 2320 stack. I have AKs One limper and then a raiser to 200. I raise to 550 and the next guy goes all-in for 1115. Orig raiser folds. What do you do?

Critical Hand #3. Hand #36. Blinds are 50/100. My stack is around 1055. I am UTG and get A7s. It is 8 handed. I limp and the blinds call. Flop is 6A6. Blinds check and I bet 150 and get raised all-in for 550. What do you do?

Critical Hand #4. Hand #37. Blinds are 50/100 and my stack is 1105. I am in BB with KQ. Folded to SB who calls and I raise to 300. He calls. 89Q. I check and he checks. Turn brings 5. What do yo do?

Results #1. I called. The River brought an ace and I ended up winning the side pot with a guy who was on a flush draw and split the rest with the all-in guy who also had KJ. That put my stack at 2320

Results #2. I called and lost the race to 55 putting my stack back down to 1055.

Results #3. I called the 400 and the turn brought a 6 so I ended up splitting pot with a guy that had A3. I must have split 4 pots today/yesterday when being ahead when the chips got in.

Results #4. I went all in and got called immediately. He had Q5. That crippled me down to 75. Obviously should not have checked the flop. The intention was to check raise.

So you can see.. Those tournies come down to critical moments and you need to make the right decisions. I went out in 8th place in the one above. Again, as Greg Raymer said, it's not the results that count, it is the decisions. I'm ok with my decisions from above with the exception maybe of the 4th one.

Anyway, here are the numbers from yesterday:

July SNG Breakdown
July 24
5 - 7
8 - 10

  1. 9th - AK loses to 77. Ace on flop. He hit gut on river
  2. 8th - KQ loses to Q5 on turn
  3. 1st - T9s beat KQ
  4. 2nd - KQ loses to AQ
  5. 6th - 33 loses to 75s. I was short but he still called my 3x allin with 75s.
  6. 3rd - 44 loses to T6
  7. 2nd - Q2s lost to A9
  8. 6th - 77 loses to AA.. level 7
  9. 4th - -KJs loses to T7.. and .. KJ loses to AT on river... hit straight
  10. 4th - Q3 lost to KQ. He limped from UTG and I went all in. oops.
  11. 1st - 55 beat 93s
  12. 2nd - 43 lost to T3
  13. 1st - A8 beat 55 on river.

Just one note. The above doesn't alway represent the hand I actually went out with. If I am left with a stack that doesn't cover the BB, I put that hand down as that is really what lost the tourney for me. 95% of the time, what I write down is actually what I went out with.

One more week of exclusive SNGs. I wonder where I will finish. Stay tuned.

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littleacornman said...

1) I probably wouldn't raise with KJ but would have folded.

2)If the pot is aprox $1915 and its $550 to call with AK I'd have called too.Probably behind but 4-1 too good to refuse.

3)Call.Your $150 could have looked like you had a small pp so I call hoping he's got a med pp or a worse A.

4)I agree with you that you should have bet the flop but like you I'd have bet out after the turn.$400 was my first thought as it would still give me a chance to fold if he came over the top.( J10 or trips?)Better left in with a shortstack than out with none.
You didn't mention the Sb's stack size but calling a raise with Q5? What was he doing?
Actually I don't think checking the flop was too bad a move.If he had a weak Q which he did then unless he got lucky ( which he did) you'd probably have got him to call your KQ with a turn bet.

Little Acornman

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