Tuesday, July 19, 2005

SNG - Day 15

OK.. back to negative territory. Boy am I glad that I decided to play so many SNGs. Last night, I continued to get my money in while being dominated. Something has gone wrong here and I will look back on some of the tournies to see what is going on.

July SNG Breakdown
July 17
5 - 7
8 - 10

  1. 5th - 77 lost to 99
  2. 8th - AQ lost to AK
  3. 3rd - KQ lost to AQ
  4. 3rd - QJs lost to AT
  5. 7th - K9 lost to T3
  6. 6th - A3s lost to KK
  7. 1st - TT beat AQ
  8. 5th - A7 lost to T9
  9. 8th - AT lost to AJ I was BB and the button did standard raise... Ace on flop
  10. 9th - QQ lost to KK and AA.. nice... it's bad enough to lose to one of them..
  11. 9th - KTs lost AJs flopped 2nd nut.... Doh... somebody had the nuts.
  12. 4th - 22 lost A6
  13. 8th - ATs lost 55 on turn.. T on flop
  14. 6th - 85 lost to 82... battle of blinds.. he flopped 2 pair to my top pair
  15. 3rd - T9 lost K8... T on flop
  16. 2nd - 85s lost JT 5 on flop with flush draw

Hopefully, the law of averages will settle in here soon. I'm obviously not having too much these last few days.


ScurvyDog said...

While the results may not be there, hats off to you for being able to suck it up and soldier on in the land of SnG variance. I have a hard enough time dealing with cash game variance, much less what people go through who focus on SnGs and MTTs.

WillWonka said...

That's kind of funny because I got out of cash game for a month due to the variance. I thought I was more consistent at my NL tourney play. So I guess the point is variance is variance. It's going to have to be dealt with no matter what you play.

Mourn said...

Man, I agree with you there. I started focusing on SnGs because they were always my shining beacon when the variance of the cash games was kicking my ass. So what happens when I started doing them exclusively? Variance city.

Hang in there man, I know exactly what you're going through, right now it feels like an uphill climb to me as well.

GaryC said...

You guys have all hit the nail right on the head. Variance is rampant in every game of chance, regardless of the skill involved. Obviously, the more skillful you are, the less chance for variance or to a lesser degree, but you cannot hide from it. It will seek you out and punish you when you least expect it.

Stay after it Will, you are due a good run of cards soon. May the deck hit you in the face soon.


HighOnPoker said...

Chin up and look sharp, because a couple of those losses seem unescapable. Let me suggest, though, that you change up you game again. It can keep things fresh and interesting, which may hold your attention more and help you focus. Try some ring games and SNGs mixed up a bit.

I've been in the SNG challenge, and hovering about even. Just prior to that, I was doing only limit poker and was winning steadily until I hit a wall and started losing. Now, during my SNG Challenge, I went back to limit for a bit, and as a result, I'm up a snot loads in the limit game. My SNG hasn't gone up yet, but I'm hoping that shaking things up will help.

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