Thursday, June 16, 2005

5/10 still has my number

OK.. It was Wednesday night. As per my previous post, I was expecting a good night. I started off the night with 3 $50 SNGs. First one, I went out in 7th. The damage coming on two successive hands. I had AJ in late position... flop comes T55.. I get my ace next; but lost to the flopped FH of TT. The next had I get KJs and get K on flop but get outkicked by KQ. 2nd one was just a bad, bad decision, JJ from middle position and raise and then get re-reaised all in and for whatever reason I called... He turned over AA. Kind of funny thing is that were into Level 4 and nobody had been elimated.. Either a very tight table or no cards being dealt. Last one... Get dealt A7s in MP and I just call. 3 other limpers... Flop comes A79. EP leads out with 150 bet and I just call. 6 comes on turn and the EP checks.. I go all in and quickly get called... He had flopped a set of 9s. As it seems lately, not my night.

So I now sit down to the 5/10 tables to hopefully make it up. What a roller coaster ride. I ended up playing 864 hands and lost $386. I was up and down. The high beeing around $180. About hand 700 is where it all starting to go down hill. I was about even at that point. I had just had a couple of crushing river defeats and the following hand came up that pretty much put me over the top. First, let me tell you, that this wasn't a bad beat. Anyway, I had Q9 in the LP and we have 4 callers. Flop comes 8J8 and it gets checked around. Flop comes a Ten which gave me my gut shot. EP bets out and I raise and one guy cold calls and the better also calls. A 4 comes on river. Our cold caller now bets out. Other guy folds. A raise and he 3 bets me. He was a pretty loose player so I capped it. And this is the part that got me... He waited the full time alottment to finally call... He turned over 88 for quads. Again, not a bad beat; but the fact that he waited 30 seconds or whatever it was to finally call when he knew he had the nuts really got to me. I then proceeded to get beat with KQs and AKs.

I do have to say that my quad 2s beat a set of 10s so I had my share of good cards.

I went into the session planning on a tight aggressive style. My VPIP was for the most part around 18% until the end when it finally ended up around 21. That rise was justified as I was getting good cards at the end; but not hitting flops. I still won 53% of my showdowns. I was comfortable with my preflop raises which was 9.61% and my AF was 1.92 (most of the session was around 2.5 to 3).

Taking a look at my biggest losers of 4.5BB or more... of course the quad 8s debacle..

T9 (TPMK) lost to TT
KK lost 88
KTs (TPGK) lost a set of 6s
QQ lost to JJ (on river)
AA lost to 22
AJ lost to KQ (on turn)
A7 lost to AQ (bad read)
AK lost to KT (flush)
AK lost to J9
AK lost to AQ (on river)
QJ lost to KT .. flopped trips.. but lost to runner, runner flush
K7 lost to KQ ... flop AKA....

Winners of 5BB or more:

22 beat TT (quads over set)
AK beat A6
JJ beat KK
KK over ???
55 over QT
JTs over AQs (runner, runner Ts)
KJ over 87s
55 over AT
T8 over ??
KK over ??
99 over JJ
QQ over Q8s and A7

In conclusion... I just don't know.. Maybe I'm in over my head at 5/10.

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