Saturday, June 11, 2005

To Know or Not to Know... That is the Question

As I am typing, Event #10 is going on in Las Vegas. While I can't help checking out the results, my question of the day is whether it is better to know or not to know. Would it make for better TV watching if I didn't know the results. The good news these days is that ESPN shows so many of the final tables, that it is virtually impossible to remember all of the winners; but on the other hand, my undying curiosity wants to know NOW. This question isn't just for the WSOP. It includes all other events. For example, would it have been great not to know that Danny Nguyen was going to win last week on the WPT. Watching all those incredible suck-outs would have been even more amazing had I not known the outcome.

OK.. The bottom line... for me. I am going to try to limit myself from finding out who wins. Of course, that in no way counts for the main event. I will be watching and looking for every update I can on that one. Luckily, we have fellow bloggers, notably Pauly, that will keep us informed. BTW, last week's WPT maybe was the most amazing final table I have ever seen. How many people felt "The Master's" pain when that 3rd Jack for Danny came up. As bad as that was, that doesn't even compare to running 7s. Maybe people watching that show will think that is OK to call when you are a huge underdog and that will be better for us in the long run.

Swithching subjects...

Well, after 18 straight days of playing, I am now on my 3rd day of not playing. This is pretty much wife enforced. I know many players have the support of the significant others. Unfortunately, I don't fall into that camp. She, of course, thinks that my poker playing is an addiction; but any attempts to try and explain otherwise falls on deaf ears. Oh well, I will just have to continue to deal with it. Wish me luck.

Anyway, I was on a pretty good roll. I had 12 out of 13 positive sessions for a profit of about $1,700. And then... as usual it seems these days, I had the very bad day where I lost $660. It was of those days that we all have and I am OK with it. The bad thing was that after a few very bad suck-outs, I decided to go to the 100 SNGs to make it up (instead of the normal 50s). Anyway, bad idea... 8th place in both. Obviously, I wasn't in a good mindset to play those (even though I had a 75% ITM rate before them). The next day was another down day; but have made that up recently.

I have a neighborhood tourney tonight so I won't be online. It's a $40 buy in with about 24 people. We will see how it goes.

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