Thursday, June 23, 2005

Respect the Streak

This seems like a typical week for me at the ol' 5/10 tables. I am striving for atypical results. I am currently on a 6 session winning streak (+840)... or should I say 6 day winning streak. For our purposes, I am defining a session as a day. The IRS may or may not agree with that... It's a little foggy. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. First, let's look back over this year.. I have played 129 days of which 92 of those have been positive (37 negative). Sounds good eh? Yes and no.. Like I have mentioned earlier, I seem to do good and then I seem to have the one blow up day that puts me back 4 or 5 days. So what am I doing this time to make it better. Besides wearing the same underwear and kissing the mouse 3 times before each session, I am trying to continue on playing the cards that are dealt to me. I know, I know.. we've all heard that before. That didn't stop my last winning streak of 9 days (+1333) going poof the following two days (-795). Also, I am going to set a loss limit of ...hmmm... let's say $400... just in case. That's 2 times my initial $150 buyin for each table and a $50 emergency fund per table in case I get under $40 and any one table. Let's take the 1st 4 hands tonight at one of my tables... 97o, 44, AQo, KJ. I didn't hit any of those flops but forced the issue and just like that I am down $75. OK.. calm down Wonka.. Proceeded to get back to my game I ended up with 7.37 BB/hr. Ok, I only played a litte under an hour... but I'll take the $70. I called it quits since I am little tired and would like to do some reading. I bought Matt Matros's book.

Since we are on the subject of streaks and I am a geeky accountant. Below is a chart that I keep that tracks my streaks.

So looking below.. I have 1 5 day losing streak, 5 3 day losing streaks... etc.

Breakdown of Winning / Losing Streaks

Streak count Total
-5 1 5
-4 0 0
-3 5 15
-2 13 26
-1 56 56
1 28 28
2 10 20
3 14 42
4 7 28
5 8 40
6 3 18
7 1 7
8 1 8
9 3 27
10 0 0
11 1 11

Winning Days: 229
Losing Days: 102

So again, I have many more winning days than losing ones (2.24 to 1). So hopefully, I can keep that going and do away with the blow up days. I'm thinking that I have mastered the art of "not" tilting. Some of those blow up days are almost directly to going on tilt and giving away an extra $200 or so. I'm sure we all know the feeling. That is one of the biggest things that I have worked on in the past months. How do I do it? I simply take a little break and review the hands from Poker Tracker and if I think I played it right and got my chips in at the right spot, then I am ok with it. I, then, either A) quit .. because the situation isn't right or B) continue on because the table is very beatable and I just got some unlucky breaks. We all know, some days the cards just aren't going our way. Deal with it and move on.

Ok.. we'll see how it goes..

Long live the winning streaks!!!!!!

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