Monday, June 13, 2005

June 2005 - Part 1

Let's get you caught up to date for June 2005. It has been pretty un-eventful to say the least. I've played 10 of the 13 days for a net total of a whopping -$34. According to my math, that seems to be a negative EV... Not quite the way I wrote it up. OK... Let's back it up...

Days 1 - 4. This was the tail end of my very good streak where I went 12 for 13 days in positive sessions. For the 4 days in June, that tallied up to be $737. Great... Everything is going great. I'm just seemed to playing everything right. Of course, I was getting the cards; but I also felt that I was making the good laydowns and good steals.

Days 5-6. BOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!! As per the norm (or so it seems lately), I hit the wall. If there is one thing that I need to work on, it is the bad days. Day 5... I managed to lose $450 in 99 hands (1.03 hours) playing 5/10. Boy, you just have to be good to do that. I just wasn't getting cards and as I am prone to do, I start to push. Make all the wrong moves. I never did get rockets. I lost with KK (to a set of 8s). As a matter of fact, I just checked and I did not get any pkt pairs besides the Kings. I kept getting Ax in the blinds... usually a recipe for disaster. I lost with AK (both suited and offsuit). Lost with KJ (one off the button). KJ.... boy do I hate that hand... that is by far my biggest losing hand; but that is another post for another day. Anyway, this is where I decided to make it up on the $100 SNG tables. Oops... 8th place. Both times I got my money in as an underdog. That is always a good sign of bad play. Day 6 was a carbon copy of Day 5 except for I only loss $128. I lost with KK (to a flopped FH from somebody with TT). I had no other pkts. So that day, I'm not too unhappy. Chalk it up to just one of those days. I did get a 2nd it a $50 SNG which helped a little.

Days 7 -10. 2 of the days, I just played 2 SNGs each day(short on time) and got a 1st and a 2nd. The highlight of this stretch was yesterday. I'm on the button with Q6s and it is folded to me. As any law abiding poker player would do, I raised to steal the blinds. The SB raises me. Hmmm, seen that one before... but I just called. Flop comes QQQ. Yikes... not a bad flop. SB has AJo and bets out. I call. Turn comes 7.. AJ bets.. I raise and he just calls. River is 3 and he checked and called. Too bad an A or J didn't hit the river.

So after the great start in June... I have lost $360 in ring play and made around $330 in tourney play. Let's see what the 2nd half of June brings.

Note to self... work on consistency and patience (especially when the cards aren't coming).

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