Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Silly Stats

I have played a total of 329 days of poker since March of 2004. Being an accountant by trade, I love using Microsoft Excel. This is where I track my daily winnings and losses. I also keep what I will call "useless" information statistics... well somewhat useless. Today's silly stat question of the day. What day of the week do I do the best? See below chart:

DayCount RankPct

(note.. the count column counts the number of days played on that day and the Pct column is the percent of total winnings that day represents.)

I must note that this reflects everything except for days where I had tourney wins over $1,000 as I felt that would skew the results. I do use Poker Tracker which gives a similar type stats and even breaks it down to the hour. The problem there is that it only uses the time and date at the start of the sesssion. Another words, if I start a session on Friday at 8PM and play for hours. All the stats get recorded in the 8PM time frame. I hear the new version will break it down by actual time the hand is played and I can't wait for that. Plus the above results include tourney winnings and losses as well (plus bonus, plus rakeback). So the above may not be the best picture; but more or less can be used..... well for nothing... just for another bit of useless information. Useless or not, you probably won't find me playing on Tuesday... ha..

I plan on getting back to the tables tonight (after taking Tuesday off... of course). You'll probably find me at the $50 SNG tables at Party tonight plus if I get to the computer in time, the Poker World $1k guarantee (with only 20-30 players).

Also, one of main missions for the rest of the month is get back positive on my 5/10 ring play. It is really driving me nuts that I am not positive on that level. After that.. who knows where I will go. I will keep you updated on this quest. As it stands now, I am a terrible -.82 BB/100 after 23K hands.

I am going to keep increasing my links to other blogs as I find new ones that I enjoy. For now, I only want to be put blogs that I actually read on a normal basis. I will continue to try and find news ones to add to the list.

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