Sunday, June 12, 2005

Home Tourney and "Mr All-In"

No love in the home tourney last night. Out of 23, I probably barely made the top 1/2. I definitely never got any cards and when I did, it never worked out. Any plays at the pot I made were met with resistance... Just one of those nights. The tourney ended very anti-climatically. The tourney was over 4 hours old and we were down to two. I became the dealer at the final table to speed things up. It finally got down to 2 people. One pretty good player and one person who I will just label "Mr All-In". That strategy is fine if that is the way you want to play it. What is the saying... It works everytime ... Except for once. That being said... The other guy went in... After thinking for a while.. "Mr All-In" called it. First guy turns over JJ and what does "Mr All-In" turn over... 56o. WHAT?????!?!!?!?!?!?!!? After 4 hours and a 1st prize of around $600 (compared to $200 for 2nd), he called with 56. He almost drew out on it; but didn't and he was out in 2nd place. I guess I will just say.... I don't get it.

We played another tourney after that. We are at the final table and I still haven't been getting cards; but have made some moves on some pots. Anyway, I got KTs in the BB. SB minimum raises me and I go all-in. He thought for a while and called and he turned over ATo. Not what I wanted to see. Nothing worse than being totally dominated. Flop comes KK5. Wow, what a relief. I just might knock him out (he was the winner of the first tourney). Turn cards come J. OK, scare card; but still a pretty big favorite. River card... you guessed it, Q. He hit runner, runner to get the straight. I had a few more chips; but went out shortly thereafter. Right before I left for the night. "Mr All-in" did the same thing. Called a huge all-in play with something like 2-6. It is one thing to go all-in with this; but to call with this is just ludicrous. I don't know where "Mr All-In" finished; but I'm guessing he didn't get 2nd this time.

Oh well, what can you do.

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