Friday, June 17, 2005

When to leave Well Enough Alone

I was off of work yesterday due to a sick kid so during her naps had some opportunity to play. I played in 2 $50 SNGs and got a second out of one of them so that was $40. I then sat down to my normal 5/10 table. The short of it is that I ended up $239 (including SNG) for the day. Usually, if I hit that daily amount, I am happy and call it a day.

So, later that night my wife decided she was going to watch some of the Moonlighting DVD that we had rented from Netflix. I liked Moonlighting OK; but not enough to watch them again so of course, I decided to go play poker instead. There is that daily 1K guaranteed tourney that I like to play in since it only typically has between 20-30 players so I played that while playing some 5/10. Well, out in 17th (out of 20) on the tourney and down $150 in the ring play. I typically sit down with 30 times the small bet so that is $150 for ring play. I seem to keep running into small pkts that hit the set on the flop. The big hand beeing ATs on the button. The flop comes 46T (all clubs.. not my suit). I bet out immediately with the scary board. Turn nothing.. River is A. In retrospect, that was the worst card that could have come. Luckily, the "set" didn't raise me on the river. After that, I just quit and threw Rounders into the DVD player and watched about 1/2 of it. I guess my $150 loss is nothing compared to Mikey D's 3 stacks of high society... but I digress. Back to the situation at hand.

So my question to ponder is when to leave well enough alone. After thinking about it throughout the night and today, I still don't know. I'm thinking that the right answer is to not look at the dollars and cents of the day; but to look at the level of the competition. What does the table look like that you've just sat down at. I've never really datamined the tables via Poker Tracker / Gametime and maybe I should. I see the stats of the table and adjust my play accordingly. My feeling is that I can win at any type of table and I need the practice anyway. Maybe I'm just to lazy to search out the quality tables and that is not a good sign. I need to continue to work at this. I still feel confident that I'm OK at the 5/10 level.

Swithching Subjects..

After reading Poker Nerd's blog today and finding out that he is going to do another SNG fest in July. I believe I am going to join in the fun. He says that he is going to try and play 1000 SNGs for the month of July 8 tabling $50 (I think) SNGs. I don't play enough nor do I 8 table to justify playing 1000 SNGS so I am going to try and play 200 for the month of July. I have had relative success in SNGs. I will post stats on the journey and we will see how it goes.

Ok.. That should do it for today.

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