Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tourney Night

I did not play much last night. I played in the $20 nightly 1K guarantee. Last night it had 26 players. One of my early hands (Level 1 25/50), I got 89s in the MP. I limped in along with 6 others. Flop 867 rainbow. SB bets minimum 15.. I just call.. next guy raises to 110 and gets 2 callers. Turn card 10. SB checks and I bet out 150... and they both call. River card is a 2. SB checks... I bet out 400.. early raiser folds.. and then EP raises to 1100... Hmmm.. Have I fallen into his trap??? I think for a while and call... EP turns over nut straight and I throw my lower straight into the muck. Was it a bad call? Tough to say... After thinking about it, I feel comfortable with the call. It only left me with 110 chips. I go all in next hand with Q9o... get one caller... KQ.. oops... Got lucky and hit a flush on the Turn. I get AK 4 hands later and reraised, but didn't get called. Two hands later I get the pkt rockets and triple up. I work the chips all the way back up to 1285. They then dwindle down to 685 as the blinds are getting up there. At that point, I reraise all in with AT and lose out to AQ... Typically, I don't rebuy once I am out; but this tourney is usually pretty cashable so I rebuy back to 2000 chips... Things don't go well there and it dwindles down to 875.. and end up at 1175 at the first break. There is a 2K add-on; but that really doesn't help me much so I don't add on. First hand from break I get AQ in EP and go all in and get a get a caller with JJ. Luckily, I spike the Q on the river and double up. I ended up 4th in the tourney for a $207 payday. Last hand played out like this... I'm sitting on 18718 in chips with 5 people left. Blinds are 1500/3000. I look down to see pocket 6s. 1st guy folds and I bet out 5500... 1 caller and short stack goes all in. I call the 2K more as did the tourney leader. Flop comes.. 5KK. Big stack bets out 2000. What do you do? After thinking about it I re-raised all in... and he quickly calls. Turn and river both bring 4s and he turns over AA... Oops... I did beat the short stack and am out in 4th. Probably not the brightest move.

I then went to Party and played in 2 SNGs and got a 1st and a 3rd... I'll share one interesting hand from the tourney I ended up winning. This is the 3rd hand of the tourney. I look down at KK in MP. Blinds are 10/15. EP raises to 90. I raise to 300 and LP reraises all in. EP calls.... What do you do? Good chance that one of the two have the rockets; but I'm not throwing down Ks.. I just won't do it.. even if it the 3rd hand of the tourney. There are probably a lot of people that would disagree. Anway... EP guy turns over QQ... ah.... LP guy turns over AK... hmmm.. OK.. I'm feeling good... especially after flop... 87K... Turn does get an Ace.. but it is too late... river is an 8 and I triple up. I barely hold on to win.. Had a very good, up and down heads up battle.

The second SNG ended up with my TT getting beat by J9. He raised preflop and I just called and the flop came J38.. He bet out to put me all in and I thought and called. Oh well... What can you do? I didn't have to call; but at that point I would only have 1600.

So the night ended up a positive $382. I wasn't going to repeat the "give back" fiasco of the previous day so I called it a day. I finished up the night watching the Celebrity / Pro Poker challenge on the Gameshow Network that I had taped. To tell you the truth, I have kind of enjoyed this one. A couple of the celebs that they have are pretty good. One hand was pretty interesting where one of the Celebs had KK and Cindy Violette also got the Cowboys and raised him and he folded. Wow. On another note, I continue to be impressed with the play of Kathy Liebert (both on this show and the Pokerstars Invitational).

Anyway... there you have it and there you are.

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