Monday, June 20, 2005

Week in Review - June 19th, 2005

WillWonka 06/13/2005 - 06/19/2005

Let's start with the stats for the week:

Ring Play (5/10):

1027 Hands VPIP 22.30 W2SD 29.06 W$SD 54.41PFR 9.35 AF 1.83
$ -333.76

SNG Play: Played 10 ($50) 1st 3 2nd 1 3rd 1 ITM 50% ROI 82% $ $450

MTT Play: Played 3 ($20) 10th, 18th, 4th. Net Winings $121

Net for the Week: 237.24

I didn't get a chance to play very much this week. The overriding theme seems to be my bad or should I say inconsistent ring play. Out of the last 19 days, I have had 15 up days. On the surface that sounds OK; but the problem is that those down days set me back 4 or 5 days. For whatever reason, I just can't seem to consistently win at the 5/10 level. After about 24K hands, I am down around 2K. My bankroll is still OK to be playing at the level (around 11.5K) so I will continue to play there. If anybody has any comments on the PT stats, please let me know. My total stats aren't too different from the ones above. I am one to believe that a VPIP of under 20 is probably too tight. I may be wrong on that one.

One thing I need to figure out is when to keep playing and when to stop. Typically, if I got up between $150 and $200, I will call it a day and be happy; but conversely, I sometimes will lose between $500-$600 on a given day. Obviously, we have an imbalance there and I need to figure that out. Dollars and cents shouldn't be the factor that makes you stop or go. It should be the "winnability" of the table(s) that you are playing. Anyway, that will be the #1 thing that I am working on... at least through the end of the month.

Why only to the end of the month..... because I think for the month of July, I am going to try and play only SNGs. I read on another blog where somebody is going to try and play 1000 SNGs for the month of July. I would never be able to play that much; but I am going to set a goal of 200 for the month and see what happens. I seem to be a better tourney player than ring player so I will put that theory to the test.

That should do it for this week. As I said earlier, I didn't get a chance to play much (although my wife would probably disagree with this statement... lol).

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