Thursday, June 09, 2005


After reading many blogs over the past few months, I decided that I'm going to try and join in the fun. First off, a little Intro. I, like many other poker enthusiasts, starting playing online poker after watching Chris Moneymaker do his thing back in 2003. I officially started online back in March of 2004 by putting $60 into PokerStars. I played the 10c/25c NL tables there and did OK. At the end of March, my poker balance was at $350.

Online poker, for me, is simply a hobby... Something I enjoy doing. It was never intended to be any kind of money generator and to this day, I have not withdrawn any money (other than back to my Neteller account).

The first few months were small and steady based on the small limits that I was playing. It looked kind of like this... April + 337 May +408 June +205 bringing my bankroll to $1,296. July 04 was my first losing month as I lost $450. I was about ready to call it quits and get out while I was ahead.

August was my breakthrough month, of sorts. I received an invitation to a 5K Empire Freeroll. Short story.... 983 players and I won netting $2100. From there, my tourney success continued. August +2675 Sept +2262 Oct +1959 Nov + 206.

For whatever reason, I started playing Limit Hold'em in November starting with 1/2, 2/4 and 3/6 games. In December, I moved up to 5/10 games because I was overly frustrated with the loose plays of the lower limits and had some success.... Dec... +1677

That brings us to 2005. To say that 2005 has been a disappointment, would be an under statement. Maybe we will call it the sophomore jinx. Anyway, I have not been able to conquer the 5/10 game. Here is how 2005 has gone... Jan -70 Feb +973 Mar +272 Apr -292 May +855. My problem seems to be that I will have 4 or 5 consecutive up days and then loose it all in one day. Any success that I have is primarily due to SNGs which I also started in Octoberish.

That brings me to now. I look forward to hopefully joining the poker blogging community while sharing my poker adventures.

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