Monday, August 08, 2005

August Goal

OK, Short and sweet today. I didn't play any poker yesterday. As we know that in July, I focused on my SNG play. Likewise, I am going to really concentrate on my ring game this month... So what does that mean.

I will playing pretty much all Ring Play, specifically 5/10. I am an overall loser at this level and I need to do whatever I need to do get that rectified. Again, let's set a baseline. Through July here are my 5/10 stats (at least from sites poker tracker tracks).

Total Hands... 26,555
VPIP... 23.19 (Voluntary Put $ in flop..prob should be a little lower)
WSD... 33.16% (Went to Showdown.. shold be over 35)
W$SD... 50.54% (Won $ at Showdwon... should be over 50)
W$WSF... 34.55% (I'm not sure what this should be... seems low)
PFR... 7.95 (Preflop Raise.. should be over 8)
BB/100... -.65 (Big Blinds won/loss.. should be positive.. lol)
OAG... 1.48 (Overall Agression...needs to be over 1.50)

After a terrible start in August and I am up a little bit for the month in 5/10 play. I will post the August stats throughout the month... probably on a weekly basis.

Does this mean that I won't play an occasional set of SNGs or MTT? Absolutely not. As time allows, I will do both... Of course, I will doing some Heads Up in the Challengs.

I also plan to do some reading. I've pulled out my Poker Tracker Guide that I never completed and I've also pulled out Sklansky's Theory of Poker that I bought but never read. Hopefully, that will also help identify leaks and improve overall play. So instead of playing 3 or 4 tables, the plan is to only play 2 and also catch up on some reading.

So, that is my plan for the month.


GaryC said...

Looking forward to the HU Challenge. If you get a chance, take a look at my stats for the SNG's and tell me how to figure out what my ROI was for the entire challenge. Let me know if you need more information, because I have it all on a spreadsheet.


TripJax said...

Glad to hear you are in the HU Challenge. Question from your comment on GaryC's blog regarding ROI...

For the SNG Challenge, I played 18 $5.50's and 1 $10+1 for a total 19 SNGs and a cost of $110. I finished with $137 for a total gain of $82 from my original buy-in of $55. I placed 1st in 6 of them and cashed in a total of 12.

Would that make my ROI 74.54%? $82 divided by $110.

I just wanted to make sure I understand the process...


HighOnPoker said...

What is this, Finance 101?

While we are asking questions of Will, any advice as to soft games or easy ways to earn the bonus at Absolute. Thanks.

WillWonka said...

TJ.. wow.. you are correct.. those are great numbers.. 33% 1st place is more than great... and 67% ITM. Yikes.. Unless you are just pulling my leg (which I'm pretty gullible), it looks like I'm in trouble this month.

Hi... As you probably know, Absolute is the best bonus site around as they continually are offering reload bonuses.. If you are comfortable with 1/2 limit, that is probably best. The Omaha limit games are pretty soft. The .25/.50 NL are pretty wacky so be prepared for wild play.. To work off bonus though 1/2 or 2/4 is your best best... The question really needs to be based on your bankroll. When I bonus chase, I usually play 1 or 2 levels below where I normally play.

TripJax said...

Thanks Will...I appreciate it.

Good numbers, but with only playing 19 total SNG's I don't think I logged enough to get a true picture. Still, I was happy with my results.

I really love playing HU, so I can't wait for the new Challenge.

kipper said...

Thats pretty damn good for 19 SnGs. I did not realize you played so few. Great job!

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