Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'll Take It

When is making $126 a good day.....

I only got to play a couple of hours. I didn't get started in time to play in the 1K guarantee so I just fired up 2 tables of Party. As was the plan, I am just playing two tables at a time and doing reading during the "off" time. One of my tables was pretty tight and the other was a good table. The tables seem to be getting softer and softer at Party. I also had two "fishies" to my right which also makes things interesting.

The bad news again was that the cards were not cooperating as I was only seeing around 16% of the flops. I was holding my own on the tight table and steadily grinding up... but wasn't winning the one big one. Meanwhile on the LAG table.... I didn't win a hand in my first 54 hands. Ouch!!.. Finally on hand 55, I get the rockets... My friends to my right raised and called.. I joined the party and raised on the flop of all clubs (I don't have any)... Of course one of them stayed around to the end which ended up being a split pot when the board made a flush and neither of us could improve the board. Oh, btw, he open raised from EP with 56s. Sometimes, you just have to love party. So anyway, I got half a win... By this time, though, I have already gone through a buyin and a small reload. So I have reloaded a full buyin (which is 30 SBs for me). I then finally won a small hand on hand 60 and then things started falling into place. At one point on this table I was over $250 down. I finally brought that back to positive territory and called it a night to go watch the WSOP on TV.

So when is $126 a good day. It is a good day when you stay disciplined to the plan and don't chase the cards and when you make the right moves. It is so easy to start playing mediocre cards in hopes of getting a flop to finally get a win. That is how you drain the bankroll. I was very happy that I was able to fight of the bad beats and stay the course. Especially, after a bad day the day before, I sometimes will try to push to make it up. I didn't do that, which maybe that means I have taken a positve step forward.

I am really enjoying re-reading and finishing the pokertracker guide . Hopefully that will help even more.

I am also looking forward to making my donation in the Head's Up Challenge . If anybody is interested in joining in click on the link above. It basically, a series of heads up SNGs in a tournament type style. It should be fun.


GaryC said...

Congrats on the win Will. It's always nice to come back, even though it wasn't as much as you would have liked. The confidence keeps building.

I had a bad night last night, but it will turn around. I have faith-either that or I'm a complete moron. Take your pick.


WillWonka said...

That may have come out wrong. Anyday that I make $126 for under 2 hours work, I am happy. I was really just trying to point out that I may have taken a step forward in my play (and discipline).

It will turn around, continue the good play and in the long run, the guy in the white hat wins... (although I'm from Texas originally and I always thought that the Okies wore the black hat).

GaryC said...

You know the only good thing to ever come out of Texas, don't you?

I-35 North.

We wear the white hats, LOL.


WillWonka said...

We'll see what happens on October 8th... Red River Shootout here we come... Hook 'em!!!!!

OK, OK.. the law of averages has to be on our side.

jason said...

I see you play on party and empire. how are you able to play on both? I have empire and installed party. but when I tried to register with party it told me I couldn't because they detected affiliate software on the same computer(or something to that effect).

WillWonka said...

I initially signed up on different computers...
I believe there are some other ways around it; but I don't know what they are.

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