Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend in Review

Man, was I totally psyched about this weekend... Home tourney on Friday and then $100 home tourney on Saturday. Well, as usual, things never goes as planned. Friday night, I didn't win a single hand until my second to last when I had hardly any chips and won with KK... Oh well. Maybe Saturday would be better... Only 14 people showed up for this $100 buyin (was supposed to be 24). It still had a $700 first prize which is worth playing for... OK, even it is free, it is worth playing.. It's poker, for crying out loud.

There is an old saying that you can't win a big tournament without beating AK and winning with AK. Ok, this may not have been a big tournament; but the old adage held true. The only time where I had the pkt pair and would have gone up against AK, I folded preflop (77) with a raise and re-rasie.. it ended up being AK vs AT... and the AT won... that's poker. Anyway, it got down to the final 6 (paid out 4) and I get the big slick...soooted even.. I throw in all my chips (a little over 3x) and get called by 33 and I don't improve. I go out in 6th. The good news is that my brother ended being the winner and my other buddy got 2nd. See if that guy ever invites me and my friends again.. Actually, they said I could come back..... ha...

So we started up a second one.. only $20 and about 8 or 9 people. 1 table is all that I really remember. Anyway top 2 pay and we are down to 3 and I get AK on the button.. I shove as the blinds are getting pretty high. Anyway.. big blind and big chip leader calls... Yep, he had 33 and I don't improve... Now ain't that a big kick in the junk.

I am such a wimp during live play. Plays that I wouldn't think twice about online, I am too chicken to do in Live play. I definitely need work on that.

I didn't play much online... about an hour Sunday night for a plus $50.

I need to search out Mourn to finish my HU Challenge committment. I should be lurking about after 8PM tonight.. I will continue to grind out the remainder of August to hopefully get back to positive territory.

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