Friday, August 05, 2005

Kicked in the Junk

Besides it being true, I always wanted to just utter the words "kicked in the junk"... or I could say ... Just one of the nights.. the sequel. As usual, I started with the PokerWolds 1K. Bombed out of that... 2 rebuys was my limit this time... Here are three ways that I went out last night... 1st... TPTK to overpair... Straight to higher straight... and finally flopped set to higher flopped set. By that point, I had had enough. And then, as usual, I went to the PW 5/10 tables... only 5 people (including me).. I'm not a good shorthanded limit player; but I need the work. Things went well and I over doubled my buy-in. Do I quit? Nope... By then, it was a full table and I'm back in my comfort zone... yeah right!!!.. Kicked in the junk... How about these.. Another straight to higher straight.. another TP (good kicker) to overpair... and this is what more or less sent me home.. turned FH to lost to rivered quads. By about then, I only had $100 left and everybody left except for one person.. OK.. heads up.. this guy had been giving his money away... Kicked in the Junk.. terrible cards and if I did get something... it was second best. Hmmm Heads-up.. Maybe that was preparing you for something... Sure enough...

I am officially announcing my participaton in the Heads Up Challenge (see Head's Up Challenge ). I was going to go the route of full press conference with the media; but then decided that a simple insertion into my blog would work. I look forward to giving my donation to the eventual winner.. One of my goals in my SNG fest was to have more 1sts than 2nds. Well, I failed on that end and this will be good practice for those situations. Another words, I look forwad to being kicked in the Junk.

I did OK on Party... considering... I did lose $127 on there; but the cards weren't there. I played 2 tables and yes, there was some kicking in the junk. I almost titled todays entry "Rivered". According to Poker Tracker on one my tables I was going to showdown 25% of the time and winning at showdown 23%. Now, those numbers are historically and should be around 35% and over 50%, respectively. So what does that mean.... (OK, OK.. besides kicked in the junk). It meas first and foremost that I was not getting cards (or at least, I wasn't getting good flops). Secondly, the cards that I was getting wasn't good enough. Sure, some of those stats include me being aggressive on missed flops playing against some calling stations or fishies... but that is the nature of the beast. Mostly, it just means that I was getting out-rivered. The other table was the same, but different... I was getting cards as represented by around a 30% VPIP; but wasn't getting the flops and if I did... yep you guessed it.. KITJ.

I really have only myself to blame as I again started spouting off again about getting to a new all time high in bankroll and talking about withdrawing and doing something with the money.. and as always.. poker... (you know.. I don't have to say it). Not that those plans have changed.. maybe I will just keep it to myself next time.

I have a free evening tonight as Mrs Wonka is going to some scrapbook conference (yes, apparently they have these things). It's a two day thing even. Wow. It's great because I know she enjoys it and I have said before, she does a great job. Baby Wonka is going to the grandparents... so a rare free night. I toyed with going to Harrah's or Ameristar to play some live poker... but will probably just end up here.

I want to thank Matt Maroon for linking me up on his site (The Poker Chronicles ). If you ever want to hear from a professional online poker player and the trials and tribs that he goes through, stop by. I have him linked up over on the link list. He also has a book coming out in Setpember or October. I believe it will be around $10 so it should be interesting to hear what he has to say.

I will have more about my general playing strategy for the upcoming month.. but that will have to wait for another time.


HighOnPoker said...

Welcome to the Heads Up Challenge. I'm glad you've joined the ranks. There is no better way to practice your Heads Up game than to play with some fellow bloggers. Rock on.

littleacornman said...

I'm enjoying your blog Will.Makes for a fine read.I hope you've got your junk protectors on for your next session and you're back to kickin' ass.
I'd love to play the Heads Up tourney but the time difference rules it out.Hope Ya'll have a blast though.
Little Acornman

WillWonka said...

Thanks Hi... (why do I always think of Raising Arizona when I think of your name...hmm)..


Thanks acornman.. I wish there was a way to include everybody... but that would be hard.

HighOnPoker said...

Damn. It'd be nice to have the Acord too. Raising Arizona? I know the movie very generally, but I fail to make the connection. Do tell...

WillWonka said...

Hi.. is just the name of the main character (Nicolas Cage) in that movie (probably a little before your That movie never ceases to crack me up. It has my all time favorite movie line:

"Son, you have a panty on your head".

Of course you have to see it to appreciate it... but anyway.. that is all it is.

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