Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. I did not play a bunch during the day as Mrs Wonka was still at her convention. She got home in the afternoon and what does she do that night.... Yep, she goes over to a friends house to scrap book. And she calls my poker playing an addiction.. lol. So, I played during baby Wonka's nap... and made around $100.

The neighbors called for a home game during the evening; but unfortunately, I had to decline due to Mrs Wonka being out... boy, I'm glad I did.

As usual, I played in the Poker World 1K. Things went pretty well during the 1st hour as I didn't need to rebuy as I either had a hand (and it held up) or I got bad hands that I didn't play. So by the end of the rebuy period, I was second in chips... I did do an add-on. Things were a little up a down. There were 3 hands down the stretch the vaulted me to the top.

The first was where I had KT in the BB... the SB (short stack) went all in and I called and got to Ks on the flop. It may have been a bad beat as he cried about it; but didn't show. The second was when we were down to 6 handed and I get JJ in the BB.. UTG goes all in (short stacked) and gets a caller (chip leader) I raise all in and get called by the chip leader.. all little cards and I tripled up.

And here is the hand of the match and this is where I would like some feedback as to what is the right call. It is bubble time as the top 3 pay and there are 4 people left.

Game started at: 23:04:28 08/06/05
Game ID: 8109713 2000/4000 *Saturday $1000 Guaranteed, Table 1 (Hold'em)
Seat 2 is the button
Seat 2: RubberSpoon (13746).
Seat 3: pokerwayne (22963).
Seat 6: mssally (13427).
Seat 8: willwonka (28364).
Player pokerwayne has small blind (1000)
Player mssally has big blind (2000)
Player willwonka received card: [Kd]
Player willwonka received card: [Qd]
Player willwonka calls (2000)
Player RubberSpoon folds
Player pokerwayne calls (1000)
Player mssally checks
*** FLOP ***: [7c 10d 6d]
Player pokerwayne checks
Player mssally checks
Player willwonka checks
*** TURN ***: [7c 10d 6d][Qs]
Player pokerwayne bets (4000)
Player mssally folds
Player willwonka raises (10000)
Player pokerwayne allin (16963)

What is the correct call here?... or should I say what would you do? Pokerwayne is a good player is all the read that I have on him.

Well, here is what I did.

Player willwonka calls (10963)
*** RIVER ***: [7c 10d 6d Qs][5d]

He showed down a set 0f 7s so my flush rivered him. So I sucked out on him. I'm still not sure that I made the right call (even preflop may have been bad just calling). Had I know that I was just on the diamond draw, then it was a bad call... but anyway that vaulted to me to top position and went on to win 20 hands later. It was a nice $500 payday.

Meanwhile, I was barely treading water on my 2 5/10 tables at Party; but then hit a few big hands and ended up the day up a little over $300... so together an $800 day. So again, I'm glad I didn't make it over to the neighbors where I might have won $50... lol. These kind of days are few and far between so I try to relish (sp?) them when they happen.

I will most likely take today off as it is a pretty busy day.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


littleacornman said...

Hey Congrats on yet another fine session Will.
Little Acornman

HighOnPoker said...

Nice call with the flush draw. First off, even if you put him on a set, you had 2 queens and 9 diamonds for 11 outs (maybe 10 if he held the 7d). You saw four cards on the board and two in your hand, so out of 46 unknown cards, you had a 1 to 3.5 chance to hit. The pot was already 16000 (or maybe 20000 if when it says "Raises: 10000" means 10000 on top of the 4000 bet). You only had to pay 6000 or so, so the pay ratio was 1 to 2.5 (or 3.5). This would appear as though you made a poor move. However, you did not know that he had a set. He could've pulled this with pocket JJs, a pair of Ts, or two pair (7s and 6s, for example), in which case, the three Kings are additional outs.

Point is, statistically it was a right move, and considering that you were the chipleader on the bubble, it is also strategically a good move. You earned it Will. Congrats.

Mourn said...

I'd have to run the math on the decision on the turn, it's pretty close.

One thing I will say is that, IMO, it is never a good idea to open-limp four handed, especially when you're the chip leader. On the bubble you should force much tougher decisions from your opponents than calling half a BB or just checking and seeing a flop. When you have a hand as strong as KQs on the bubble, people should net be able to see cheap flops against you with little pairs and hit sets.

Now, does he call a big bet or move in with a pair of 7s? Maybe, and in this case that doesn't change the outcome. It also doesn't change the fact that with the chip lead and on the bubble, you should be leaning hard on your opponents, especially with good cards.

Just my .02

WillWonka said...

I definitely agree on the preflop play; but at the same time the table was overly aggressive and I wanted to do some trapping. I am aware of the risks and was able to deal with them. This was an atypical strategy for me as I am usually very aggressive with chip lead at bubble time.
The most likely scenario would have been me raising 3x.. and him pushing... although with us being the 2 chip leaders.. a call seems more likely. Flop may not have changed as still would have checked his set to the raiser... Whether or not I would have "continued bet", I can't say.

Anyway, I'm not sure on the takeaway from this. I'll just take it and move on to the next one..

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