Friday, August 26, 2005

Free Weekend

I played a little bit on PokerRoom last night. Since it was a new site to me, I started out slow. It does work with Poker Tracker so I do like that... espcially since you can do auto-importing of hands. The graphics are pretty nice; but I don't really care about graphics. Some notable things that are missing... at least I haven't found them yet...

  1. There is no button to punch in for auto-posting. Typically when I am ready to call it quits, I continue to play until the big blind comes to me. This is normally when I have de-selected the auto post blinds button. It then prompts me and I select to sit out. As far as I can tell, you can't do this here. You just have to pay attention. Not a biggie
  2. At one point, my $150 buyin was down to $40. Usually when it gets this low, I like to add on a half-buy in or something.. just in case I do get the big hand, I don't want to lose out. My cashier button was greyed out and I couldn't add on. It never got to a point where I would have been all in... I ended up the night in positive territory.. albeit barely.

Again, I just started playing there so I hope to learn more about it. This was another PSO promotion (yes, I'm on the PSO bandwagon). If you are looking to try out new sites and get free stuff as well as deposit bonuses, give it try. Please use a referral code, if you do it... There are plenty to use such as WillWonka, GCOX25, HighonPoker, or Tripjax. Especially take a look at the PSO store if you don't like the gifts that they offer. Until August 31st, you can get an extra 3000 PSO points for a special bonus code ("PSOALLIN"). Check out their forum for details. While PSO is great, if you plan on playing on the site a bunch you might want to look for a rakeback deal. I know that PSO has one... but I didn't look at the details too much. There are plenty of sites they offer them.. just do a search on "rakeback".

Now for the weekend. My wife and daughter are on their way to KC for a baby shower so I am left home alone. Hmmm.. I wonder what I will do. Probably wash some clothes... do some vacuuming, cut the grass, rearrange the sock drawer..... wait... what am I saying... I am home alone!!!!! Shuffle up and deal!!!, I say... I may try to do a mega-session tomorrow to see what it is truly like for the fulltime poker players.... Maybe do an 2 4 hour sessions. I am going to a concert tonight (Sonic Flood) and might even frequent the local casino after that.. if it is not too late. Other than the concert, I obviously plan on playing a bunch of cards... including some tournaments that I always feel guilty about playing since they take so long.... Any suggestions on nice tournaments with a nice overlay would be appreciated... especially daytime tournaments.

Have a good weekend!!!


littleacornman said...

Hey Will you need to sit out to be able to hit the cashier button.You can usually do it between hands.Same to switch auto-post on or off.

Just after you join the table and put in your buy in you can opt to auto-post.

Have a fine weekend.

littleacornman said...

You can also right click beside your name and tick the option you want including your table stats.

WillWonka said...

Thanks... that helps..

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