Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Tale of Two Cities

It was the worst of times and the best of times... Ok.. I reversed it.. get over it..
Anyway, as previosuly mentioned, Mrs Wonka was out for the evening at some scrapbook convention and baby Wonka was with the I talked my brother into visiting our local Harrahs. Now, I know going in that this is pretty much No Fold'em poker.. especially at the 3/6 level. My brother was late arriving so I just dove in.

My first hand.. in the BB was 8h6h.. I think there were 57 callers... ok, not that many... we'll just say over half. I flopped an OESD and flush draw and bet out.. for whatever reason, I wanted to have a betting rep... well, I got raised... hmmm... pushing around the new guy.... reraise.... and he just called... turn... nothing... checked around to the button... will I get a free card... nope.. bet... I just called.. maybe raising is better.. I don't know.. anyway.. didn't hit and I'm down after one hand... The short of it was that after about 3 hours, I lost my buyin of $100. The big hand (and a very good lesson) was when I got AK on the button... flop... 8A8... everybody checks and I bet.. raise and a call... I just called.. turn brought no more help and EP led out and then gets raised by Mr 80% VPIPer. Yikes.. can one them possibly be holding an eight. I called and got no more help on river... I called down their raises and they both had an eight. A very good lesson on falling in love with hands when it is blatantly obvious that you are beat. I will attribute it being "out of my element" at live play. Now, back to Mr 80%. I would normally say that this is as fishy as it gets; but my read was that he was an excellent post flop player and drug a bunch of pots when he smelled weakness. I guess it helped that he was getting full houses with 62 (out of position), flushes with Q6 and J5, etc, etc. I drug 2 pots the entire evening.. Once my Aces held up.. and once my KQ wasn't called on the river... I had totally missed but didn't get called. I was 0-2 with Big Slick. I will say, however, that I did enjoy it.

Well, my brother finally did show up.. and proceeded to double his buyin within 15 minutes.. helped by a flopped full house with 6 people following along. I left by then.. and I hope he didn't give any or much of it back. We are playing in a home tourney in a couple weeks with a $100 buyin.. so he made his buyin.. so I hope he left shortly after I did.

So, I can home and fired up a couple of tables of Party... Ahhh... back to my safe haven of online poker... even better were the cards I was getting.. I played just under an hour... and was..

4-4 with AK
2-2 with KK
2 -2 with TT... now you know something is going right
2 -2 with 66... pinch me
2 - 2 with AQ... now, I know I am dreaming

I could go on... just one of those nights... to the positive.

Here are some of the stats:

VPIP - 27.63
PFR - 14.47
WSD - 31.91
W$SD - 86.67
bb/hr - 43.34
$ - +397.25

Boy, you have sessions like that and you just don't want to quit... but I don't want to get greedy.

I also finally fired up my IM and chatted with the SNG challenge folks for a while (GCox, Kipper and TripJax). Thanks for letting me into your world.. albeit just for a short time. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Heads Up Challenge.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for joining us. We all enjoyed it.

Good chatting and I'm looking forward to the heads up challenge.


kipper said...

Was good seeing you on AIM and hearing about your trip to Harrahs!!

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