Monday, August 15, 2005

Let The Games Begin

OK, sports fans... Let the Head's Up Challenge Begin. It should be fun. It will be worth the $25 donation just to get in some good practice at the HU table. Good luck to all my competitors (although you know I don't mean it ;) ). I should be around most nights after 8PM Central. I was lurking around UB late last night; but didn't see anybody. I was clearing my PSO balance. I was able to get the 500 UB points pretty quickly. I haven't completely cleared the bonus (still have a ways to go there); but did clear the PSO part so I should be getting some more chips shortly. After playing UB for a while, I will go on the record that I'm not a big fan of the software. I also thought that UB was bigger that it is.. There is usually only about 3 or 4 5/10 tables going (not including 6 Max tables). I really like the mini-table view and I think all sites should do that. The software seems sluggish at times and I wasn't able to connect a few times. The games are pretty soft as I was able to show a $334 profit for the week there even thought I wasn't getting great cards (which also includes a down down of $350). Last night, I got AK, AA, AA in three consecutive hands. I lost the AK when a 4 flush came on the board and only picked up the blinds on the AA. Talk about disappointing. I then proceeded to get KK on my other table and got beat by A8 when an Ace came on the turn. Unfortunately, things didn't go as good elsewhere as I was down over $800 for the week.

I appreciate all the comments on my "questionable" play on a hand that I posted last week. This is going to really punctuate why I am a losing player; but what the heck. If I can get good enough numbers to draw to the second nut (and I am saying that I did with the callers behind me) then I am going to do it everytime. It's really no different that going in with KTs and getting beat by Ax s on a flush draw. If you play like everybody has the nuts everytime, I can't believe that you are going to be an overall winner. How often does someone make the nuts. I can't believe it is very often. Now, conversely, when he came back over the top of me, then the writing was pretty much on the wall since he was a rock (tight passive). Anybody else, and I'm not as worried about the nuts. Anyway, thanks for the discussion and it will make me analyze things differently next time. There is nothing than better than actual experience at the tables. You can read all you want (and I'm still reading Sklansky's theory of poker); but experience is where it comes from.

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TripJax said...

Look forward to a little gaming this week. In case you don't have me on Ultimate Buddy, I'm TripJax (guess that's obvious enough).

Anyway, I'll be in touch for us to have our preliminary game. Check out my blog for an idea I had for ust to keep up with the games...

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