Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Different kind of You Decide

Nothing too exciting going on with poker. I am continuing to play 5/10 at UB. I have to say that I didn't really care much for the software when I first started; but I like it now... especially the mini view. What started out as a good month has deteriorated into a bad month. I am down $300 for the month so I will do what I can to get back to positive before the end of the month. With hands like the one I'm going to show you, I doubt I'll make it.... so in this edition of You Decide... I'm not looking for what you would of done; but rather who is the bigger donkey... me or the other bozo.... Anyway here it is..

AdamHutch is at seat 0 with $349.
katsu is at seat 1 with $302.
Zachy Chan is at seat 2 with $137.
TwoLucky is at seat 3 with $200.
Bukeye_One is at seat 4 with $134.
ForgiveMeGod is at seat 5 with $153.
DuffMann is at seat 6 with $334.
itsjustrob420 is at seat 7 with $482.50.
larry j is at seat 8 with $364.
willwonka is at seat 9 with $211.
The button is at seat 4.

ForgiveMeGod posts the small blind of $2.
DuffMann posts the big blind of $5.
TwoLucky posts out of turn for $5.

willwonka: Qh Qs


itsjustrob420 folds. larry j folds. willwonka
raises to $10. AdamHutch re-raises to $15. katsu
folds. Zachy Chan folds. TwoLucky folds.
Bukeye_One folds. ForgiveMeGod folds. DuffMann
calls. willwonka re-raises to $20. AdamHutch calls.
DuffMann calls.

Flop (board: 6c Tc 8c):

DuffMann checks. willwonka bets $5. AdamHutch
calls. DuffMann calls.

Turn (board: 6c Tc 8c 5c):

DuffMann bets $10. willwonka raises to $20.
AdamHutch folds. DuffMann calls.

River (board: 6c Tc 8c 5c 4h):

TwoLucky has disconnected, is dropped.
DuffMann checks. willwonka bets $10. DuffMann


willwonka shows Qh Qs.
willwonka has Qh Qs 6c Tc 8c: a pair of queens.
DuffMann shows 4d 7d.
DuffMann has 4d 7d 6c 8c 5c: straight, eight high.

Hand #7897409-1753 Summary:

$3 is raked from a pot of $142.
DuffMann wins $139 with straight, eight high

Sure, I had no business betting on that board; but what is Duffman thinking with 74s... first off to call 4 bets preflop with that... then with an obvious flush on the board, he calls with his straight. Now, I knew going in that he was a bad player which is why I pushed... The other guy folded KK...

Well, my HU challenge is over.. I finished a marathon session with Mourn. We must of played at least 10 hands... the old flopped full house gets me every time. I enjoyed it very much. Good luck to the rest of you.


kipper said...

I would say you had every right to be in that pot. You had the highest wired pair and your betting pattern showed it.

HighOnPoker said...

Sorry about your Heads Up loss. I'm right there with you in the loser's lounge. Go figure! The two best players out already (I'm awaiting GCox's indignant response...).

As for that hand, he was definitely the Donkey Kong to your Donkey Kong, Jr. In fact, there were enough donkeys to start a petting zoo. It happens though. Good luck looking forward.

GaryC said...

Indignant??? Me????

I'm just happy to be going to the 2nd round and still have a chance. I sure liked both of your chances better than mine before we started. I just caught better cards.

As to the hand, I can't believe some of the hands you post are at $5/$10. 4-7suited staying in that hand after the flop? Fishy indeed. I actually like how you played the hand very much. I think I would have played it exactly the same way.....and then broken my mouse when the moron showed 4-7.

I need an attitude adjustment though.


Jason said...

what I have learned in my short time is that some people just cannot lay a hand down if they're in one of the blinds, no matter what.

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